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Дизель-электрический железнодорожный кран второго поколения грузоподъемностью 25 т. Выпуск начат в 2004 году.
Модификации: КЖ562А, КЖ562Б

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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
КЖ562-1 October Railway Private Тверской вагоностроительный завод
КЖ562-12 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
КЖ562-14 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
КЖ562-17 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
КЖ562-20 Moscow Railway OPMS-103
КЖ562-21 01.2005 Kuybyshev Railway KuAZ
КЖ562-26 Moscow Railway Private в/ч 12672 (ст. Соколовская)
КЖ562-28 2005 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО «Керамин»
КЖ562-33 Moscow Railway Service cars Компания "Knauf"
КЖ562-35 2005 Far Eastern Railway Service
КЖ562-36 2005 October Railway Apatit
КЖ562-38 Moscow Railway Private Москва, ТЭЦ-22
КЖ562-47 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖ562-53 North Caucasus Railway Other в/ч 51473 (Невинномысск)
КЖ562-57 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖ562-60 South Urals Railways Service ПБ Бузулук
КЖ562-68 05.2006 October Railway Private Учебный центр ВТУ ЖДВ
КЖ562-69 Zabaikal Railway PMS-328
КЖ562-71 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
КЖ562-75 07.2006 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
КЖ562-76 2006 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-38
КЖ562-77 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
КЖ562-79 Krasnoyarsk Railway PChM Bazayha
КЖ562-80 2006 Moscow Railway Other
КЖ562-82 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
КЖ562-83 19004977 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
КЖ562-84 09.2006 Northern Railway PMS-324
КЖ562-85 Moscow Railway PMS-97
КЖ562-86 Moscow Railway PMS-101
КЖ562-87 Moscow Railway PMS-96
КЖ562А-88 North Caucasus Railway PChM Tikhoretsk
КЖ562-89 North Caucasus Railway OPMS-143
КЖ562-90 09.2006 October Railway PChM St. Petersberg
КЖ562-97 11.2006 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
КЖ562-101 North Caucasus Railway Other в/ч 51473 (Невинномысск)
КЖ562-103 2007 Kuybyshev Railway Private ФГУП "31 Арсенал"
КЖ562-105 2007 Kuybyshev Railway Private АО "РКЦ"Прогресс", г. Самара
КЖ562-111 Cisdnieper Railways Zaporozhstal
КЖ562А-113 Moscow Railway PMS-55
КЖ562А-114 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ562А-118 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
КЖ562А-119 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
КЖ562А-121 October Railway Nigozero
КЖ562А-122 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
КЖ562А-123 Far Eastern Railway Service
КЖ562А-124 West Siberian railway PMS-177
КЖ562А-127 06.2007 Zabaikal Railway PMS-247
КЖ562-129 West Siberian railway Service cars
КЖ562-132 North Caucasus Railway PChM Tikhoretsk
КЖ562-136 09.2007 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk
КЖ562А-141 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ562А-142 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI Ст. Репьёвка
КЖ562-143 2007 Kaliningrad railway Private
КЖ562-150 Moscow Railway Other
КЖ562-153 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy SSGPO
КЖ562-160 03.2008 North Caucasus Railway Other в/ч 51473 (Невинномысск)
КЖ562А-164 04.2008 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-208
КЖ562А-165 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
КЖ562-166 Northern Railway Cherepovetc
КЖ562А-169 October Railway Service ПЧ-6 Ржев
КЖ562А-170 Krasnoyarsk Railway DPMR Abakansky
КЖ562А-171 West Siberian railway PMS-20
КЖ562А-173 East Siberian Railway Taishet
КЖ562А-176 North Caucasus Railway Morozovskaya
КЖ562А-177 North Caucasus Railway PChM Novocherkassk
КЖ562А-182 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
КЖ562-187 Belarusian Railway vsz-gomel
КЖ562А-188 South Urals Railways UPM 4 km.
КЖ562А-189 2008 West Siberian railway Belovo
КЖ562А-190 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
КЖ562А-191 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
КЖ562А-192 October Railway PChM St. Petersberg
КЖ562А-194 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway PChMA Astrakhan
КЖ562А-195 North Caucasus Railway PChM Tikhoretsk
КЖ562-198 12.2009 Libyan railways ZST
КЖ562-199 12.2009 Libyan railways ZST
КЖ562-200 2008 Far Eastern Railway Private Тихоокеанская мостостроительная компания
КЖ562-207 08.2010 Belarusian Railway Private СМП-716 Гомель
КЖ562А-211 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
КЖ562А-212 Northern Railway PMS-277
КЖ562А-213 Northern Railway PMS-277
КЖ562-215 2011 Belarusian Railway
КЖ562-216 04.2011 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Private
КЖ562-219 2011 Belarusian Railway Service cars
КЖ562-223 2011 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-16 Жлобин
КЖ562-230 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖ562-231 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖ562-232 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
КЖ562-234 South-Eastern Railway SGOK № 15
КЖ562-235 05.2012 West Siberian railway Kuznetskpogruztrans
КЖ562-237 07.2012 Other Other
КЖ562-239 2012 West Siberian railway Private ООО «Сибэнергоуголь»
КЖ562-240 2012 Other Other
КЖ562-248 North Caucasus Railway Other в/ч 51473 (Невинномысск)
КЖ562-250 Moscow Railway Ryazanskaya GRES
КЖ562-251 06.2013 Other Other
КЖ562-252 06.2013 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖ562-253 06.2013 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖ562-254 07.2013 Yakutian Railways Aldan
КЖ562-255 07.2013 Other Other
КЖ562-256 Other Other
КЖ562-257 Other Other
КЖ562-258 Other Other
КЖ562-259 Other Other
КЖ562-266 Uzbekistan railways Service cars
КЖ562-268 01.2014 (none) На 17 августа 2015 замечен в перегонке на станции Непецино БМО
КЖ562-271 Other Other
КЖ562-272 Other Other
КЖ562-273 Other Other
КЖ562-274 Other Other
КЖ562-275 19019884 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО "Гомельский химический завод"
КЖ562-276 19019892 East Siberian Railway CHPTU
КЖ562-277 West Siberian railway Taldinskoye PTU

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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