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Moscow Railway, ADM

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ID number Built Written off Depot Note
АДМ Other Тренажер в Тульском подразделении Московского УЦПК
АДМ2-001 Vyazma
АДМ2-001 Lobnenskaya
АДМ-010 Vyazma
АДМ-031 Vyazma
АДМ-031 Tulskaya
АДМ-069 Vyazma
АДМ-069 Ozherelievskaya
АДМ-082 Service cars ЭЧ-20 Калуга-2
АДМ-082 Vyazma
АДМ-082 Vnukovskaya
АДМ-090 Service cars ЭМП-1
АДМ-092 Vyazma
АДМ-092 Moskovsko-Paveletska
АДМ-101 Mikhailovsky GOK
АДМ-116 Ryazanskaya
АДМ-129 Vyazma
АДМ-129 Moskovsko-Paveletska
АДМ-159 17441593 Mikhailovsky GOK
АДМ-209 1982 Service cars ЭМП-1
АДМ-215 1982 Mikhailovsky GOK
АДМ-266 Vyazma
АДМ-266 Tulskaya
АДМ-299 1982 Service cars ПЧ-14 Московско-Окружная
АДМ-299 1982 Vyazma
АДМ-309 Vyazma
АДМ-309 Luberetskaya
АДМ-367 Tulskaya
АДМ-367 Vyazma
АДМ-367 Tulskaya
АДМ-408 2017 Vyazma
АДМ-415 Vyazma
АДМ-439 Service cars ЭМП-701
АДМ-486 17444860 Stroyenergomontag
АДМ-499 17444993 Vyazma
АДМ-501 Vyazma
АДМ-553 1985 VNIIZHT
АДМ-606 Vyazma
АДМ-606 Luberetskaya
АДМ-620 1520
АДМ-621 1520 ЭМП-704
АДМ-627 Service cars
АДМ-627 Vyazma
АДМ-627 Ryazanskaya
АДМ-682 Moskovsko-Paveletska
АДМ-697 Service cars
АДМ-704 Vyazma
АДМ-704 Moskovsko-Kurskaya
АДМ-732 Vyazma
АДМ-732 Ryazanskaya
АДМ-733 Ozherelievskaya
АДМ-733 Vyazma
АДМ-733 Ozherelievskaya
АДМ-740 Vyazma
АДМ-740 Bryanskaya
АДМ-750 17447509 Vyazma
АДМ-750 17447509 ECh-24 Vuazemskaya
АДМ-770 Vyazma
АДМ-770 Kurskaya
АДМ-772 Ozherelievskaya
АДМ-772 Vyazma
АДМ-772 Pankovskaya
АДМ-849 Vyazma
АДМ-858 17532656 Service cars
АДМ-873 Moskovsko-Smolenskay
АДМ-873 Vyazma
АДМ-873 Pokrovsko-Streshnevs

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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