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Sverdlovsk Railway, DGku

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ID number Built Written off Depot Note
ДГку-187 1966 Other Памятник на Пермском МРЗ
ДГку-634 1971 Service cars ДК-15 Кунгур
ДГку-655 1971 Service cars
ДГку-1108 1973 Service cars ПЧ-28 Тобольск
ДГку-1326 1975 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-1329 1975 Service cars
ДГку-1407 Service cars
ДГку-1556 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-1570 Service cars
ДГку-1654 Service cars ПЧ-5 Кузино
ДГку-1677 Service cars ПЧ-20 Кунгур
ДГку-1681 1976 2017 SPMS-341
ДГку-1739 1976 SUMZ
ДГку-1764 1976 UPZT Сысертское отделение
ДГку/5-1819 Private
ДГку-1979 1977 Private ООО «ВИЗ-Сталь»
ДГку-2041 1978 Service cars ШЧ-7 Тюмень
ДГку-2103 Service cars ПЧ-4 Левшино
ДГку-2147 Private ОАО "Уралпромжелдортранс" (СППЖТ №1)
ДГку-2228 1978 Private Северский трубный завод
ДГку-2245 1978 VGOK
ДГку-2264 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-2315 Private Среднеуральская ГРЭС
ДГку-2557 1979 Uralasbest № 324
ДГку-2592 18265926 1979 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-2741 NMZ
ДГку-2805 Service cars ПЧ-34 Коротчаево
ДГку-2919 2017 SPMS-341
ДГку-2977 1981 Service cars ПЧ-28 Тобольск
ДГку-2979 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3056 1981 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3112 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3117 Service cars ПЧ-17 Нижний Тагил
ДГку-3155 1981 PZT-55
ДГку-3257 Service cars
ДГку-3262 1981 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3288 Other
ДГку-3307 Service cars
ДГку-3615 1982 2017 SPMS-341
ДГку-3730 1983 Private Тобольское ППЖТ
ДГку-3749 2017 SPMS-341
ДГку-3773 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3792 1983 Service cars СМП-584 Сургут
ДГку-3827 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-3841 SUMZ
ДГку-3969 2017 SPMS-341
ДГКу-4084 1984 Uralasbest
ДГку-4100 1984 UPZT Сысертское отделение
ДГку-4204 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4221 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-4402 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-4420 2017 SPMS-341
ДГку/5-4578 18259143 1986 PMS-43
ДГку/5-4580 18045807 1986 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4584 18285841 1985 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-4618 1986 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4660 18046607 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4668 1986 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку-4717 1986 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4787 1987 Tumen plant transpor
ДГку/5-4791 Private
ДГку/5-4796 1987 Service cars ПЧ-28 Тобольск
ДГку/5-4838 1987 2017 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-4997 1988 Nihznevartovsk indus
ДГку/5-5111 Service cars
ДГку/5-5145 1988 SUMZ
ДГку/5-5185 1988 Service cars ПЧ-26 Туринск-Уральский
ДГку/5-5190 1988 PChM Ekaterinburg
ДГку/5-5204 Service cars РСП-4 Кунгур
ДГку/5-5355 Private Тобольское ППЖТ

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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