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South Urals railway. ADM1

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Id number Built Written off Depot Note
АДМ1-012 17440124 1989 ECh Orskaya
АДМ1-012 17440124 1989 2016 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-032 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-032 ECh Kurgan
АДМ1-065 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-065 ECh Tchelyabinsk
АДМ1-108 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-108 ECh Berdyaush
АДМ1-144 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-144 ECh Shumikha
АДМ1-173 2017 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-190 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
АДМ1-237 1993 ECh Kurgan
АДМ1-251 1993 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-251 1993 ECh Shadrinsk
АДМ1-284 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-284 ECh Kartaly
АДМ1-355 ECh Zlatoust
АДМ1-355 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-355 ECh Berdyaush
АДМ1-390 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-390 ECh Kurgan
АДМ1-502 17445024 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-502 17445024 ECh Zlatoust
АДМ1-531 UPM Kuvandyk
АДМ1-531 ECh Orskaya
АДМ1.5Б-565 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
АДМ1-671 17446717 03.2001 Service ЭМП-703(?)
АДМ1-733 17447335 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-733 17447335 ECh Shadrinsk
АДМ1-744 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-744 ECh Berdyaush
АДМ1-788 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1-788 ECh Kurgan
АДМ1-816 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-816 ECh Magnitogorsk
АДМ1.5Б-838 UPM 4 km.
АДМ1.5Б-838 ECh Shadrinsk
АДМ1-868 2002 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-868 2002 ECh Tchelyabinsk
АДМ1-883 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-883 ECh Troitsk
АДМ1-933 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1-933 ECh Zlatoust
АДМ1-960 UPM Kuvandyk
АДМ1-960 ECh Orenburg
АДМ1М-985 17449851 Service ЭМП-703 Оренбург
1АДМ1.3-1029 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1029 ECh Shumikha
1АДМ1.3-1040 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1040 ECh Shadrinsk
1АДМ1.3-1064 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1064 ECh Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1065 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1065 ECh Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1066 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
АДМ1М-1086 2004 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
АДМ1М-1086 2004 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1111 17451113 2005 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1111 17451113 2005 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1113 17451139 2005 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1113 17451139 2005 ECh Berdyaush
1АДМ1.3-1114 17451147 2005 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1114 17451147 2005 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1115 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1115 ECh Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1116 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1116 ECh Shadrinsk
1АДМ1.3-1118 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1118 ECh Troitsk
1АДМ1.3-1121 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1121 ECh Zlatoust
1АДМ1.3-1185 2005 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1185 2005 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1193 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
1АДМ1.3-1204 2006 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1204 2006 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1205 2006 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1205 2006 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1230 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1230 ECh Kurgan
1АДМ1.3-1243 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
1АДМ1.3-1249 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1249 ECh Berdyaush
1АДМ1.3-1251 Service ЗАО «Форатек-ЭнергоТрансСтрой»
1АДМ1.3-1270 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1270 ECh Zlatoust
1АДМ1.3-1275 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1275 ECh Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1293 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1293 ECh Shumikha
1АДМ1.3-1294 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1294 ECh Orskaya
1АДМ1.3-1297 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1297 ECh Shadrinsk
1АДМ1.3-1311 17453119 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1311 17453119 ECh Orenburg
1АДМ1.3-1312 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1312 ECh Kartaly
1АДМ1.3-1345 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1345 ECh Kurgan
1АДМ1.3-1346 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1346 ECh Orenburg
1АДМ1.3-1379 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1379 ECh Kartaly
1АДМ1.3-1381 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1381 ECh Shumikha
1АДМ1.3-1447 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1447 ECh Troitsk
1АДМ1.3-1448 17454489 2007 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1448 17454489 2007 ECh Zlatoust
1АДМ1.3-1460 19454602 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1460 19454602 ECh Kurgan
1АДМ1.3-1469 17454695 12.2007 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1469 17454695 12.2007 ECh Berdyaush
1АДМ1.3-1493 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1493 ECh Shumikha
1АДМ1.3-1494 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1494 ECh Kurgan
1АДМ1.3-1495 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1495 ECh Shadrinsk
1АДМ1.3-1496 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1496 ECh Orskaya
1АДМ1.3-1563 17455635 2008 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1563 17455635 2008 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1570 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1570 ECh Orskaya
1АДМ1.3-1593 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1593 ECh Orenburg
1АДМ1.3-1594 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1594 ECh Kurgan
1АДМ1.3-1676 17456765 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1676 17456765 ECh Berdyaush
1АДМ1.3-1677 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1677 ECh Kartaly
1АДМ1.3-1690 UPM Kuvandyk
1АДМ1.3-1690 ECh Orenburg
1АДМ1.3-1691 UPM Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-1691 ECh Orskaya
1АДМ1.3-1808 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1808 ECh Troitsk
1АДМ1.3-1810 17458100 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1810 17458100 ECh Shumikha
1АДМ1.3-1836 UPM 4 km.
1АДМ1.3-1836 ECh Shadrinsk
1АДМ1.3-1837 17458373 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1837 17458373 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1905 ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
1АДМ1.3-1952 17459520 09.2017 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1953 17459538 09.2017 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1954 17459546 10.2017 UPM Chelyabinsk-Yuzh
1АДМ1.3-1993 17459934 09.2018 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-1996 17459967 09.2018 ECh Magnitogorsk
1АДМ1.3-2012 17460122 01.2019 ECh Tchelyabinsk
1АДМ1.3-2040 17460403 09.2019 ECh Tchelyabinsk
АДМ1-2423 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-2423 ECh Kartaly
АДМ1-2743 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-2743 ECh Kartaly
АДМ1-2891 17448911 UPM Kuvandyk
АДМ1-2891 17448911 ECh Orskaya
АДМ1-2929 UPM Magnitogorsk
АДМ1-2929 ECh Kartaly

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