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Gorky Railway, ADM1

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Id number Built Depot Note
АДМ1-010 17440104 Private ООО "Энергоремонт"
АДМ1-056 SPMS-318
АДМ1-056 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-167 17441676 SPMS-339
АДМ1-167 17441676 Muromskaya
АДМ1-192 17441924 SPMS-339
АДМ1-192 17441924 ECh Izhevsk
АДМ1-208 17442088 SPMS-318
АДМ1-208 17442088 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-220 17442203 SPMS-318
АДМ1-220 17442203 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-222 SPMS-339
АДМ1-222 ECh Iudino
АДМ1-223 SPMS-339
АДМ1-223 ECh Izhevsk
АДМ1-224 SPMS-339
АДМ1-224 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-231 SPMS-318
АДМ1-231 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-283 17442831 SPMS-318
АДМ1-283 17442831 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-290 17442203 SPMS-339
АДМ1-290 17442203 ECh Izhevsk
АДМ1-304 SPMS-339
АДМ1-304 ECh Iudino
АДМ1-364 SPMS-318
АДМ1-364 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-400 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-400 SPMS-318
АДМ1-400 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-501 SPMS-318
АДМ1-501 ECh Vladymir
АДМ1-520 SPMS-339
АДМ1-520 Muromskaya
АДМ1-521 SPMS-318
АДМ1-521 ECh Vladymir
АДМ1-630 SPMS-318
АДМ1-630 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-651 17446519 SPMS-318
АДМ1-651 17446519 ECh Vladymir
АДМ1-703 SPMS-318
АДМ1-703 ECh Kirov
АДМ1-730 17447301 SPMS-339
АДМ1-730 17447301 ECh Krasnoufimsk Ст. Бисертский Завод
АДМ1-797 SPMS-318
АДМ1-797 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-826 SPMS-318
АДМ1-826 ECh Zuevka
АДМ1-832 SPMS-318
АДМ1-832 ECh Vladymir
АДМ1-833 SPMS-339
АДМ1-833 ECh Krasnoufimsk
АДМ1-834 SPMS-339
АДМ1-834 ECh Arzamas
АДМ1-840 SPMS-339
АДМ1-840 ECh Iudino
АДМ1-841 SPMS-318
АДМ1-841 ECh Kirov
АДМ1-865 17448655 SPMS-339
АДМ1-865 17448655 ECh Izhevsk
АДМ1-908 17449083 SPMS-318
АДМ1-908 17449083 ECh Vladymir
АДМ1-928 SPMS-318
АДМ1-928 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-946 17449463 SPMS-318
АДМ1-946 17449463 ECh Gorkyi
АДМ1-953 17449539 SPMS-339
АДМ1-953 17449539 ECh Krasnoufimsk
АДМ1-1007 SPMS-318
АДМ1-1007 ECh Zuevka
1АДМ1.3-1047 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1047 ECh Izhevsk
1АДМ1.3-1062 17450628 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1062 17450628 ECh Iudino
1АДМ1.3-1099 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1099 ECh Kirov
1АДМ1.3-1130 17451303 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1130 17451303 ECh Zuevka
1АДМ1.3-1131 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1131 ECh Zuevka
1АДМ1.3-1154 17451543 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1154 17451543 ECh Kirov
1АДМ1.3-1155 17451550 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1155 17451550 ECh Kirov
1АДМ1.3-1179 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1179 ECh Gorkyi
1АДМ1.3-1180 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1180 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1210 17452103 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1210 17452103 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1210 17452103 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1211 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1211 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1229 17452293 Service
1АДМ1.3-1229 17452293 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1229 17452293 ECh Vladymir
1АДМ1.3-1276 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1276 ECh Izhevsk
1АДМ1.3-1279 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1279 ECh Zuevka
1АДМ1.3-1300 17453002 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1300 17453002 ECh Arzamas
1АДМ1.3-1358 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1358 ECh Iudino
1АДМ1.3-1359 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1359 ECh Zuevka
1АДМ1.3-1432 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1432 ECh Arzamas
1АДМ1.3-1433 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1433 ECh Kirov
1АДМ1.3-1552 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1552 ECh Krasnoufimsk
1АДМ1.3М-1559 17455593 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3М-1559 17455593 ECh Vladymir
1АДМ1.3-1582 17455825 2008 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1582 17455825 2008 ECh Iudino
1АДМ1.3-1670 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1670 ECh Izhevsk
1АДМ1.3-1696 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1696 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1809 17458092 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1809 17458092 ECh Izhevsk
1АДМ1.3-1851 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1851 ECh Gorkyi
1АДМ1.3-1852 17458522 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1852 17458522 ECh Vladymir
1АДМ1.3-1855 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1855 ECh Arzamas
1АДМ1.3-1856 17458563 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1856 17458563 Muromskaya
1АДМ1.3-1857 17458571 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1857 17458571 ECh Iudino
1АДМ1.3-1858 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1858 ECh Iudino
1АДМ1.3-1859 17458597 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1859 17458597 ECh Kirov
1АДМ1.3-1860 17458605 SPMS-339
1АДМ1.3-1860 17458605 ECh Izhevsk
1АДМ1.3-1918 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-1921 17459215 SPMS-318
1АДМ1.3-2005 17460056 2018 ECh Zuevka

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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