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Far Eastern Railway. Shakhterskoye PTU

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Model Built Written off Note
б/н (Unknown model) 2017 Роторный с/оч
"Магадан" (Unknown model) 2017 Таранный с/оч
СО750 SO-750 2017
СРП3-13847 SRP-3 1988
ТУ4-769 TU4
ТУ4-1111 TU4
ТУ4-1122 TU4
ТУ4-1395 TU4
ТУ4-1396 TU4
ТУ4-1472 TU4
ТУ4-1841 TU4
ТУ5-0044 TU5
ТУ6Д-0138 TU6D 10.1983 2017
ТУ7-0606 TU7
ТУ7-0607 TU7
ТУ7-0690 TU7 1976 2017
ТУ7-0829 TU7
ТУ7-0830 TU7
ТУ7-1055 TU7
ТУ7-1076 TU7
ТУ7-1520 TU7
ТУ7-1734 TU7
ТУ7-1938 TU7 2017
ТУ7-2681 TU7
ТУ7А-3020 TU7 1988 2017
ТУ7А-3054 TU7 1989 2017
ТУ7А-3148 TU7 1989 2017
ТУ7А-3185 TU7 1989 2017
ТУ7Р-0008 TU7R
ВПР300У-007 VPR300U 1988

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