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Moscow Railway. Skopinskoye PPZhT

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Model Built Written off Note
Эш.4292 E Скопинское ППЖТ
Эм711-41 Eu, Em, Er
Эу713-80 Eu, Em, Er
Эр793-04 Eu, Em, Er 1956
МПТ4-095 MPT4
СДПМ-1661 SDP, SDPM, SDPM2 2011
ТГМ6-027 TGM6, TGM6A 04.1970
ТГМ6А-101 TGM6, TGM6A 03.1971
ТГМ6А-180 TGM6, TGM6A 01.1972
ТГМ6А-291 TGM6, TGM6A 11.1972
ТГМ6А-636 TGM6, TGM6A 09.1975
ТГМ6А-963 TGM6, TGM6A 11.1977
ТГМ6А-1458 TGM6, TGM6A 09.1980
ТГМ6А-1525 TGM6, TGM6A 03.1981
ТГМ6А-2134 TGM6, TGM6A 1986
ТГМ6А-2398 TGM6, TGM6A 1988
ТГМ6В-0037 TGM6V 1989
ТГМ6В-0102 TGM6V 1989
ТГМ6В-0235 TGM6V 1991

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