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Near-Dnipro Railway. Dneprovsky metallurgical plant named F. E. Dzerzhinsky

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Model Built
ТЭМ18-320 TEM18 03.2007
ТЭМ2-064 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2-072 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2-2040 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2-2084 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2У-8911 TEM2U
ТЭМ2У-9318 TEM2U 1988
ТЭМ2УМ-025 TEM2UM 1989
ТЭМ2УМ-152 TEM2UM 1989
ТЭМ2УМ-424 TEM2UM 1990
ТЭМ2УМ-655 TEM2UM 1991
ТЭМ2УМ-740 TEM2UM 1991
ТЭМ2УМ-776 TEM2UM 1992
ТЭМ2УМ-809 TEM2UM 1992
ТЭМ2УМ-912 TEM2UM 1992
ТЭМ2УМ-973 TEM2UM 1992
ТЭМ7А-0318 TEM7A 2008
ТГМ4-883 TGM4
ТГМ4-1182 TGM4 1979
ТГМ4-1183 TGM4
ТГМ4-1206 TGM4 1979
ТГМ4-1207 TGM4 1979
ТГМ4-1273 TGM4 1979
ТГМ4-1275 TGM4 1979
ТГМ4-1276 TGM4
ТГМ4-1305 TGM4 1980
ТГМ4-1307 TGM4
ТГМ4-1308 TGM4
ТГМ4-1413 TGM4 1980
ТГМ4-1450 TGM4 1980
ТГМ4-1834 TGM4
ТГМ4-1835 TGM4
ТГМ4-1836 TGM4
ТГМ4-1839 TGM4
ТГМ4-2514 TGM4 1986
ТГМ4-2559 TGM4 1986
ТГМ4-2846 TGM4
ТГМ6А-1250 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6А-1450 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6А-1645 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6А-1764 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6А-2173 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6А-2207 TGM6, TGM6A 1986
ТГМ6А-2210 TGM6, TGM6A 1986
ТГМ6А-2347 TGM6, TGM6A 1987
ТГМ6А-2353 TGM6, TGM6A 1987
ТГМ6А-2500 TGM6, TGM6A
ТГМ6Д-0109 TGM6D 1992
ТГМ6Д-0158 TGM6D 1992
ТГМ6Д-0367 TGM6D
ТГМ6В-0108 TGM6V 1989
ТГМ6В-0215 TGM6V

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