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Volga railway. PChMB Bagayevka

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Model Id number Built
МПД-1126 MPD 19041268
МПД-1209 MPD
МПД2-142 MPD2 19051424
МПД2М1-360 MPD2 19048602 08.2013
ПРСМ4-110 PRSM4 2004
ПРСМ4-120 PRSM4 19729706
RM80UHR-012 RM80UHR 19137124
ЩОМ4М-033 ShcOM4M
УК25/25-009 UK25/25
УК25/25-014 UK25/25
УК25/28СП-010 UK25/28SP
УК25/18 329 UK25/9-18
УК25СП-022 UK25SP 19061225
ВПО3000-150 VPO3000
ВПО3000-273 VPO3000
ВПО3000-362 VPO3000
ВПР02-021 VPR02, VPR02K

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