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Irak Railways, Прочее

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Model Works number Built
DES 3003 720 (T 435.0) 5137 1961
DES3100 DES3100
DEM-2801 TE114I 2003
DEM-2802 TE114I 2003
DEM-2803 TE114I
DEM-2804 TE114I 2003
DEM-2805 TE114I 2003
DEM-2806 TE114I
DEM-2807 TE114I
DEM-2808 TE114I
DEM-2809 TE114I
DEM-2810 TE114I
DEM-2811 TE114I
DEM-2812 TE114I
DEM-2813 TE114I
DEM-2814 TE114I
DEM-2815 TE114I 2003
DEM-2816 TE114I
DEM-2817 TE114I
DEM-2818 TE114I
DEM-2819 TE114I
DEM-2820 TE114I
DEM-2821 TE114I
DEM-2822 TE114I
DEM-2823 TE114I
DEM-2824 TE114I
DEM-2825 TE114I
DEM-2826 TE114I
DEM-2827 TE114I 2003
DEM-2828 TE114I
DEM-2829 TE114I
DEM-2830 TE114I
DES-3301 TEM18
DES-3302 TEM18
DES-3303 TEM18
DES-3304 TEM18
DES-3305 TEM18
DES-3306 TEM18
УК25/9-18 755 UK25/9-18 12.2004
УК25/9-18 756 UK25/9-18 02.2005
УК25/9-18 757 UK25/9-18 03.2005
УК25/9-18МП 010 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
УК25/9-18МП 011 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
УК25/9-18МП 012 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
УК25/9-18МП 013 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
УК25/9-18МП 014 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
УК25/9-18МП 015 UK25/9-18MP 12.2004
ВПР02М-007 VPR02M
ВПР02М-008 VPR02M
ВПР02М-009 VPR02M

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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