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Northern railway. Oktyabr direction electric repare, Severnyi plant

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Model Id number Built
АДМ1-867 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1214 ADM1 17452145
1АДМ1.3-1287 ADM1 17412875
1АДМ1.3-1675 ADM1 17456757
1АДМ1.3-1697 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1773 ADM1
АДМскм-088 ADMskm
КЖС16-5 KZhS16
КЖС16-24 KZhS16
МС1-829 MS1
УСММ КС 007 USMM KS 02.2001
ССММ КС 007 ССММ КС 2003

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