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West Siberian railway. JSK "Transkomplectenergo"

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Model Id number
АДМ1-897 ADM1
АДМ1-899 ADM1 17448994
1АДМ1.3-1050 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1051 ADM1 17450511
1АДМ1.3-1119 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1120 ADM1 17451204
1АДМ1.3-1195 ADM1 17451956
1АДМ1.3-1313 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1444 ADM1 17454448
1АДМ1.3-1512 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1523 ADM1 17455239
1АДМ1.3-1548 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1549 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1600 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1784 ADM1
1АДМ1.3-1785 ADM1
АДМ1С-018 ADM1S 17440181
АДМс-039 ADMs 17440397
АВФ1-030 AVF1
АВФ1-033 AVF1
АВФ1-303 AVF1
КЖ472-10 KZh472
КЖДЭ16-395 KZhDE16
КЖС16-90 KZhS16
МС2-002 MS2

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