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Moscow Railway. Likhachov Plant

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Model Id number Built
Bt-56 (Not in the list) 1936
Bt-61 (Not in the list)
9П-2 9P (164 type)
9П-5 9P (164 type)
9П-8 9P (164 type)
9П-9 9P (164 type)
ДГку/5-1484 DGku
EDK300/2-388 EDK300/2 198х
EDK300/2-389 EDK300/2 198х
КЖДЭ25-432 KZhDE25 1990
КЖДЭ25-679 KZhDE25 199х
МПТ4-209 MPT4 18022095
ПРМ3М-500 PRM3M 1987
Я45-3 Pzh45
ПЖ45-072 Pzh45
ТЭМ2-5664 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2-5928 TEM2, TEM2A 09.1978
ТЭМ2-6864 TEM2, TEM2A 1981
ТЭМ2У-9179 TEM2U 1988
ТЭМ2УМ-402 TEM2UM 1990
ТГМ1-447 TGM1 1960
ТГМ1-852 TGM1 1961
ТГМ23Б-134 TGM23B 1975
ЯМ-8 Ya5M

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