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Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. Cascor-TransService

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Model Built
2М62У-0371 2M62U 1992
2М62У-0372 2M62U 06.1992
2М62У-0374 2M62U 1992
ДМ62-1860 M62, DM62 1992
ДР1А-201 RVR DR1A 1982
ДР1А-273 RVR DR1A 06.1988
ТЭМ1-1439 TEM1 1966
ТЭМ2-5651 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2Р-7076 TEM2, TEM2A
ТЭМ2У-7253 TEM2U
ТЭМ2У-8441 TEM2U 1986
ТЭМ2УМ-028 TEM2UM 1989

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