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Latvian Railways. Depot unknown

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Model Serial type Works number Id number Built Written off Note
00970046 (Not in the list) Вагон VIP класса
An.37 (Steam locomotives)
Bt-57 (Steam locomotives)
Bt-96 (Steam locomotives)
Г-104 (Steam locomotives) 56772 1916 18.08.1951
Bt.123 (Steam locomotives)
Ct.133 (Steam locomotives)
Dk-155 (Steam locomotives)
Dk-159 (Steam locomotives)
Мк.251 (Steam locomotives)
Pn.304 (Steam locomotives)
Rt-314 (Steam locomotives)
Мк.359 (Steam locomotives)
Ti-694 (Steam locomotives)
Тр-783 (Steam locomotives)
Тк.4342 (Steam locomotives)
ТЭ-305 52 (ТЭ) KDL 1 9677 01.1943
ТЭ-2526 52 (ТЭ) KDL 1 27694 09.1943 Ту2-1260
ТЭ-4962 52 (ТЭ) KDL 1 14032 10423267 01.1944 22.02.1990
ТЭ-5146 52 (ТЭ) KDL 1 1155 05.1943
ТЭ-5259 52 (ТЭ)
ТЭ-5921 52 (ТЭ)
ТЭ-6747 52 (ТЭ) 10424802
ТЭ-7789 52 (ТЭ)
Акh.1 A
Акh.2 A
А.12 A
Ak.20 A
Авл.81 A
Сk.191 B
ДП-03 DP
ER2-3305 EMU RVR ER2
Л-2360 L П32 1954
Л-3350 L 1954
Л-3724 L 1954
Л-4107 L 1951
Л-4555 L
Н.63 N
Вк.102 N
Bk.120 N
Нв.127 N
Од.379 Od, Ov, Op
Pk.402 Od, Ov, Op
Pk.423 Od, Ov, Op
Pk.429 Od, Ov, Op
Од.2008 Od, Ov, Op
Оп.2014 Od, Ov, Op
Од.2015 Od, Ov, Op
Од.2083 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5100 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5191 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5196 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5206 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5264 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5295 Od, Ov, Op
Rp-773 Rp 2781 1923 16.06.1947
Cks.145 S
С.311 S 2071 1914
Щ.3012 Shc
Щ.3013 Shc
Щ.3017 Shc
Щ.3152 Shc
Щ.3404 Shc 1912
Щ.3405 Shc 1912
Щ.3409 Shc 1912
Щ.3502 Shc 1907
Су203-62 Su 162 6794 1934
Сум217-76 Su П19 8199 1941
Сум217-77 Su П19 8200 1941
Сум217-78 Su П19 8201 1941
ТЭМ15-143 TEM15 1991
ТГК2-2817 TGK2, TGK2-1 1971
ТГК2-5669 TGK2, TGK2-1 1980
ТГМ3-1320 TGM3
ТГМ3-1456 TGM3 1967
ТГМ3Б-2793 TGM3 1970 07.12.1989
Тк-246 Tk
Вк.117 W

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