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Latvian Railways. Latvian locomotives 1860-1940
Latvijas valsts dzelzceļi (с 05.08.1919) до этого «МПС»

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Model Works number Built Written off Note
N-101 (Not in the list) 1930 1944
K-111 (Not in the list)
K-112 (Not in the list)
Ct-126 (Not in the list)
Rt-321 (Not in the list)
Rt-328 (Not in the list)
Pp-757 (Not in the list)
Pp-758 (Not in the list)
Sp-778 (Not in the list)
Sp-779 (Not in the list)
Pp-782 (Not in the list)
Tp-783 (Not in the list)
801 (Not in the list) 1939
802 (Not in the list)
Sn-554 (Steam locomotives)
K.778 (Steam locomotives) 7207 1914
Sp.779 (Steam locomotives) 7205 1914
Tn-203 91.3-18, 20 (T9.3)
Сk-0189 B
403 Dn2t 1915
Ml-618 Dn2t 1916 10.1966
Ml-629 Dn2t 8271 1917 01.1969 Музей сельского хозяйства "Калеи"
Ml-643 Dn2t 1918 09.1963
Ml-647 Dn2t 1917 07.1969
Ml-660 Dn2t 1918 Мейтене-Бауска
Pk.427 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5306 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5340 Od, Ov, Op
Щ.327 Shc
Tk-233 Tk
Tk-237 Tk

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