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Latvian Railways, Latvian locomotives 1860-1940

Latvijas valsts dzelzceļi (с 05.08.1919) до этого «МПС»

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Model Serial type Works number Built Written off Note
N-101 (Not in the list) 1930 1944
K-111 (Not in the list)
K-112 (Not in the list)
Ct-126 (Not in the list)
Rt-321 (Not in the list)
Rt-328 (Not in the list)
Pp-758 (Not in the list)
Sp-778 (Not in the list)
Sp-779 (Not in the list)
Pp-782 (Not in the list)
801 (Not in the list) 1939
802 (Not in the list)
B.1 (Steam locomotives)
B.2 (Steam locomotives)
B.3 (Steam locomotives)
An.37 (Steam locomotives) 1907
Bt-57 (Steam locomotives)
Pt-96 (Steam locomotives)
Ct-123 (Steam locomotives)
Ct-133 (Steam locomotives)
Tn-202 (Steam locomotives) Т7 6848 1890
Tk.226 (Steam locomotives) 1915
Mk.251 (Steam locomotives)
Mk-259 (Steam locomotives) 1871
Rt-314 (Steam locomotives)
Мк.359 (Steam locomotives)
Sn.554 (Steam locomotives) 1911
Pp-680 (Steam locomotives)
Tl.694 (Steam locomotives)
Mp.701 (Steam locomotives) 1916
Mp.702 (Steam locomotives) 1905
Sp.778 (Steam locomotives) 7207 1914
Sp.779 (Steam locomotives) 7205 1914
Tp.783 (Steam locomotives) 1915
Тк.4342 (Steam locomotives)
Pn.304 54 (G5) 1909
Tn.203 91.3-18, 20 (T9.3) 1911
ТТ-1334 91.3-18, 20 (T9.3) 9918 1910
Akh.1 A 1895
Акh.2 A 1900
Akh.12 A 1902
Akh.20 A 1901
Сkb.189 B 1910
Ckb.191 B 1910
403 Dn2t 1915
Ml-618 Dn2t 1916 10.1966
Ml-629 Dn2t 8271 1917 01.1969 Музей сельского хозяйства "Калеи"
Ml-643 Dn2t 1918 09.1963
Ml-647 Dn2t 1917 07.1969
Ml-660 Dn2t 1918 Мейтене-Бауска
Нв.78 N 1909 Bk.102
Bk.102 N 1909
Bk.106 N 1908
Bk.117 N 1908
Bk.120 N 1908
Нв.194 N 1908 Bk.106
Pkd.402 Od, Ov, Op 1901
Pkd.415 Od, Ov, Op 1900
Pkh.423 Od, Ov, Op 1905
Pkd.427 Od, Ov, Op 1899
Pkd.429 Od, Ov, Op 1899
Од.2083 Od, Ov, Op 1900 Pkd.415
Ов.5306 Od, Ov, Op
Ов.5340 Od, Ov, Op
Rp-773 Rp 2781 1923 06.1947
Cks.145 S 1913
Cks.146 S 2071 1914
Cks.148 S 1913
С.311 S 2071 1914 Cks.146
Щ.327 Shc
Tk-233 Tk
Tk-237 Tk
Dk.155 Tv1 (K3) 1921
Dk.159 Tv1 (K3) 1920

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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