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Serial type Id number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ДР1-01 06.1963 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-02 12.1963 Moscow Railway Private НИИ "Геодезия" (Красноармейск)
ДР1-03 12.1964 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-04 12.1964 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-05 10.1965 East Siberian Railway Azeyskoye
ДР1-06 12.1965 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-07 12.1965 October railway PMS-82
ДР1-08 12.1965 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-09 10.1966 October railway OPMS-8
ДР1-010 12.1966 October railway PMS-29
ДР1-011 03.1967 29.01.2016 October railway OPMS-1
ДР1-012 05.1967 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-121 Киев-Волынский
ДР1-013 1967 South-Western Railway Korosten
ДР1-013 06.1967 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-014 09.1967 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-79 Жмеринка
ДР1-015 12.1967 East Siberian Railway Azeyskoye
ДР1-016 11.1967 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-79 Жмеринка
ДР1-017 12.1967 October railway Service ПЧ-38 Сегежа
ДР1-018 12.1967 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-019 1968 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-020 1968 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-119 Конотоп
ДР1-021 1968 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-022 1968 October railway PMS-82
ДР1-023 1968 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-024 1968 Southern Railway Grebjonka
ДР1-025 1968 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-026 1968 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-027 1968 Southern Railway Poltava
ДР1-028 1968 Southern Railway Grebjonka
ДР1-029 1968 Southern Railway Poltava
ДР1-031 63-316 1969 October railway Service ПМС-28 Горы
ДР1-032 1969 October railway Museum Головной вагон
ДР1-034 1969 Southern Railway Grebjonka
ДР1-035 1969 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-036 1969 Southern Railway Grebjonka
ДР1-037 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-038 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-039 07.1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha ДРБ1м-03
ДР1-040 1969 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-041 08.1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha ДРБ1м-03
ДР1-042 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-043 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-044 1969 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-045 1969 Belarusian Railway Brest Museum
ДР1-046 1969 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-047 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-048 1969 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-049 1970 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ДР1-050 03.1970 03.1971 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-051 1970 Latvian Railways Zasulauks
ДР1-052 17212440/17212283/17212226/17212457 1970 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ДР1-053 1970 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi Museum

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