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SUPDK (Nord)

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Id number Built Railway Depot Note
Север-01 19891373 2009 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
Север-02 19891381 2010 Northern railway Service cars ПЧ-30 Сосногорск
Север-03 19891399 12.2011 Krasnoyarsk railway DPMR Krasnoyarsk
Север-04 19891407 October railway PDM
Север-05 19891415 12.2011 Sverdlovsk railway SPMS-341
Север-06 19891423 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337 Северобайкальск
Север-07 19891431 2012 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
Север-08 19891449 02.2013 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
Север-09 October railway Service
Север-10 Other Other
Север-11 Sverdlovsk railway PMS-311
Север-12 Other Other
Север-13 Other Other
Север-14 Other Other

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