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Путеукладчик колеи 750 мм

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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ППР2МА-??? Moscow Railway Shatura Бакшеевское Т/П
ППР2МА 2017 Belarusian Railway Khoiniki TBZ
ППР2МА-??? 1986 Moscow Railway Orekhovo pear
ППР2МА Estonian Railway Peat museum
ППР2МА Latvian Railways Narrow gauge railway т/пр Миса
ППР2МА Belarusian Railway RPUT "Tatarka"
ППР2МА Belarusian Railway PRUT «Dneprovskoye»
ППР2МА Belarusian Railway ZTBZ
ППР2МА-??? 1984 Gorky Railway Private Гороховское Т/П
ППР2МА 198х Northern Railway Belnikovskoye
ППР2МА-17 04.1973 Gorky Railway Private Гороховское Т/П
ППР2МА-21 1973 October Railway Private Т/П Вердуга
ППР2МА-22 1973 L'viv Railways Smyhatorf
ППР2МА № 25 Gorky Railway Private Керженское Т/П
ППР2МА-29 October Railway Redkinskoye
ППР2МА-34 1974 09.1982 Gorky Railway Altsevskoye
ППР2МА-41 October Railway VPPZhT
ППР2МА-49 1974 October Railway Naziya
ППР2МА-56 1975 October Railway Tesovo
ППР2МА-59 1975 Gorky Railway Karinskoye
ППР2МА-61 1975 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
ППР2МА-79 1976 October Railway Zaplus'e
ППР2МА-89 1975 Kaliningrad railway Private АО "Торфопредприятие "Нестеровское"
ППР2МА-101 1977 Moscow Railway Radovitcy
ППР2МА-107 1977 Northern Railway Kupanskoye
ППР2МА-149 1979 Gorky Railway Altsevskoye
ППР2МА-159 1979 Belarusian Railway stbz
ППР2МА-166 1980 Lithuanian Railway Narrow gauge Т/П Шепета
ППР2МА-168 1980 Moscow Railway Radovitcy
ППР2МА-179 1980 Northern Railway Private Вареговское Т/П
ППР2МА-180 1980 October Railway Tesovo
ППР2МА-197 1981 Northern Railway Berendeevo
ППР2МА-200 1981 Gorky Railway Private Пищальское Т/П
ППР2МА-203 1981 October Railway Kushavera
ППР2МА-213 1982 Gorky Railway Gusevskoye
ППР2МА-215 1982 2014 Gorky Railway Altsevskoye
ППР2МА-217 1982 Moscow Railway Private Алферовское Т/П
ППР2МА-220 1982 L'viv Railways Stoyanov
ППР2МА-226 October Railway Naziya
ППР2МА-235 1983 Northern Railway Belnikovskoye
ППР2МА-236 1983 Moscow Railway Shatura
ППР2МА-239 1983 Moscow Railway Private Озерецкое ХЖДТ
ППР2МА-240 1983 Northern Railway Private Усть-Ваенгский ЛПХ
ППР2МА-241 1983 Gorky Railway ANCS «Railway Museum
ППР2МА-250 12.1983 October Railway Laryan
ППР2МА-255 1984 Moscow Railway Private Редчинское Т/П
ППР2МА-259 1984 Gorky Railway ANCS «Railway Museum
ППР2МА-262 1984 October Railway Kushavera
ППР2МА-271 1984 October Railway Laryan
ППР2МА-273 1984 October Railway Tesovo
ППР2МА-275 1985 October Railway Private Пельгорское Т/П
ППР2МА-277 1985 Gorky Railway Gusevskoye
ППР2МА-278 1985 Moscow Railway Radovitcy
ППР2МА-290 1985 Sverdlovsk Railway Basyanovskoye
ППР2МА-292 1985 Moscow Railway Private Рославльское Т/П
ППР2МА-298 1986 October Railway VPPZhT
ППР2МА-306 1986 October Railway Kushavera
ППР2МА-309 1986 Belarusian Railway Narrow gauge Т/П Осинторф
ППР2МА-310 1986 Gorky Railway Murashi forest
ППР2МА-311 1986 October Railway Private Т/П Дедово поле
ППР2МА-319 1986 Sverdlovsk Railway EMRT
ППР2МА-320 1986 Moscow Railway Private Алферовское Т/П
ППР2МА-337 1986 October Railway Private Ершовское Т/П
ППР2МА-338 1987 Gorky Railway Maisky
ППР2МА-341 12.2019 Gorky Railway Otvorskoye
ППР2МА-343 1988 Moscow Railway Radovitcy
ППР2МА-352 1988 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
ППР2МА-354 1988 Sverdlovsk Railway Basyanovskoye
ППР2МА-355 07.1988 Belarusian Railway Narrow gauge Ганцевичское Т/П

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New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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