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Паровой железнодорожный кран грузоподъёмностью 18.5 тонн


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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ПК18.5-2 1935 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Qaraghandy
ПК18.5-3 1935 Donetsk Railway Svatovo
ПК18.5-10 1935 Moscow Railway Other ТЧ Бирюлево
ПК18.5-11 1935 Kuybyshev Railway Syzran'
ПК18.5-13 1935 South Urals Railways Niazepetrovsk
ПК18.5-15 1935 Latvian Railways Railway museum
ПК18.5-16 1935 West Siberian railway Barnaul
ПК18.5-17 1935 Odessa Railways Podolsk
ПК18.5-18 1935 Southwestern Railways Shepetovka
ПК18.5-19 1935 October Railway Bologovskoe
ПК18.5-20 1935 October Railway SPb-Varshavskiy
ПК18.5-21 1935 Sverdlovsk Railway Vereshchagino
ПК18.5-24 1935 Kuybyshev Railway Abdulino
ПК18.5-28 1935 October Railway Velikie Luki
ПК18.5-29 1935 October Railway Masel'skaya ТЧ Масельская
ПК18.5-31 1935 North Caucasus Railway Belorechenskaya
ПК18.5-33 1935 South-Eastern Railway Griyazi
ПК18.5-34 1935 South-Eastern Railway Stariy Oskol
ПК18.5-35 1935 South-Eastern Railway Belgorod
ПК18.5-36 1935 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
ПК18.5-39 West Siberian railway Topki
ПК18.5-40 Cisdnieper Railways Pologi
ПК18.5-42 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service ВЧ Джамбул
ПК18.5-43 North Caucasus Railway Tikhoretskaya
ПК18.5-47 South-Eastern Railway Rtishchevo
ПК18.5-58 1936 Gorky Railway Sergatc
ПК18.5-59 1936 Gorky Railway Agryz
ПК18.5-62 1936 Krasnoyarsk Railway Abakan-II
ПК18.5-74 1936 Moscow Railway Aleksandrov (EMU)
ПК18.5-75 1936 North Caucasus Railway Morozovskaya
ПК18.5-78 1936 1990 Donetsk Railway Rodakovo
ПК18.5-79 Moscow Railway Other ТЧ Скуратово
ПК18.5-80 October Railway Babaevo
ПК18.5-82 South Urals Railways Chelyabinsk
ПК18.5-83 East Siberian Railway Ulan-Ude
ПК18.5-85 Uzbekistan railways Karshy
ПК18.5-86 Zabaikal Railway Shimanovskaya ТЧ Шимановская
ПК18.5-87 Gorky Railway Krasnyfimsk
ПК18.5-88 Armenian Railways Gyumri
ПК18.5-89 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК18.5-90 North Caucasus Railway Grozniy
ПК18.5-91 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ПК18.5-92 October Railway Petrozavodsk
ПК18.5-93 Moscow Railway Verkhovie
ПК18.5-95 Moscow Railway Unecha
ПК18.5-96 1937 Gorky Railway Zuevka
ПК18.5-98 1937 Southern Railways Lyubotin
ПК18.5-99 1937 Moscow Railway Moscow-Byturskaya
ПК18.5-100 1937 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ПК18.5-101 1937 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Archeda
ПК18.5-103 1937 Moscow Railway Fayansovaya
ПК18.5-104 1937 Zabaikal Railway Skovorodino
ПК18.5-105 1937 Zabaikal Railway Zavitaya
ПК18.5-106 1937 Sverdlovsk Railway Vojnovka
ПК18.5-107 1937 Cisdnieper Railways Simferopol
ПК18.5-108 1937 Turkmenistan railways Mari
ПК18.5-109 1937 North Caucasus Railway Makhachkala
ПК18.5-110 1937 South-Eastern Railway Elets
ПК18.5-112 1937 South Urals Railways Kartаly
ПК18.5-113 1937 Krasnoyarsk Railway Bogotol
ПК18.5-114 1937 Far Eastern Railway Rugino
ПК18.5-115 1937 Far Eastern Railway Vyazemskaya
ПК18.5-116 1937 Tajikistan Railways Other ТЧ Кировабад
ПК18.5-120 1937 Zabaikal Railway Amazar ТЧ Амазар
ПК18.5-121 1937 Zabaikal Railway Shilka
ПК18.5-122 1937 Odessa Railways Nikolaev
ПК18.5-122 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Aktobe
ПК18.5-123 1937 North Caucasus Railway Prokhladnaya
ПК18.5-124 1937 Krasnoyarsk Railway Uzhur
ПК18.5-125 1937 Sverdlovsk Railway Serov
ПК18.5-129 1937 East Siberian Railway Taishet
ПК18.5-130 1937 South-Eastern Railway Otrozhka (EMU)
ПК18.5-131 1937 North Caucasus Railway Novorossiysk
ПК18.5-133 1937 Southern Railways Grebjonka
ПК18.5-133 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Zhambyl
ПК18.5-134 1937 01.1981 Moscow Railway Stupinskoye PPZhT
ПК18.5-135 1937 Northern Railway Service cars
ПК18.5-136 1937 Moscow Railway Zhel-dor (EMU)
ПК18.5-137 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kazalinsk
ПК18.5-137 1937 Krasnoyarsk Railway Uyar ТЧ Клюквенная
ПК18.5-138 1937 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ПК18.5-139 1937 North Caucasus Railway Bataisk
ПК18.5-142 Donetsk Railway Volnovaha
ПК18.5-143 Moscow Railway Kashira
ПК18.5-342 October Railway Service
ПК18.5-351 South Urals Railways Private завод № 701 (Уральская кузница)

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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