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ВЛ80Т, прошедшие ремонт на ЛЛРЗ с разделением секций на отдельные локомотивы. Старые номера ВЛ80Т сохранены, изменена только серия.

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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
ВЛ40У-1158-1 12693743 03.1976 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1391-1 12695169 01.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1378-2 12695011 12.1977 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1134-2 12693651 03.1976 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad ТЧ-6 Кременчуг
ВЛ40У-1134-1 10.1976 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad С 08.2018 года в эксплуатации ТЧ-6 Кременчуг
ВЛ40У-1139-1 01.1976 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1139-2 01.1976 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1158-2 03.1976 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1162-2 03.1976 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1162-1 03.1976 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1378-1 12.1977 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1391-2 01.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1395-1 12695243 01.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1395-2 12695250 01.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1397-2 01.1978 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1397-1 01.1978 South-Western Railway Zhmerinka
ВЛ40У-1414-1 12695508 03.1978 Odessa Railway Podolsk
ВЛ40У-1414-2 03.1978 Odessa Railway Podolsk
ВЛ40У-1457-2 06.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1457-1 12696183/12696191 06.1978 L'viv Railway L'vov-Zapad
ВЛ40У-1459-1 06.1978 Odessa Railway Podolsk
ВЛ40У-1459-2 06.1978 Odessa Railway Podolsk

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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