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АС4 №№ 0001..0049 - двухосные
АС4 № 0050 - четырёхосная
АС4МУ - четырёхосные, с изменённой планировкой салона

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Id number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
АС4-0001 1995 Norilsk Railway Norilsk Памятник, Норильск
АС4-0001 October railway Kandalaksha НОД-5
АС4-0003 Northern railway PMS-324
АС4-0004 East Siberian Railway Service ПЧ-25 Новый Уоян
АС4-0005 1994 2017 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
АС4-0006 West Siberian railway Other
АС4-0007 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
АС4-0008 2017 Moscow Railway Vyazma
АС4-0009 Far Eastern Railway Komsomol'sk
АС4-0010 1994 October railway SPb-Sort-Mosk
АС4-0011 1994 Gorky Railway Other
АС4-0012 1994 October railway Tver
АС4-0013 Moscow Railway Ryazanskaya GRES
АС4-0014 Sverdlovsk railway PMS-311
АС4-0015 17000159 1994 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
АС4-0016 October railway Nigozero
АС4-0017 2016 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
АС4-0018 1994 Kuybyshev railway Samara
АС4-0020 1994 Gorky Railway Service ПЧ-10 Киров
АС4-0021 2017 Moscow Railway Vyazma
АС4-0022 1995 03.2013 Kuybyshev railway Samara rail museum
АС4-0023 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
АС4-0024 1995 October railway Service АХЦ ОЖД
АС4-0026 1995 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
АС4-0028 2017 October railway Nigozero
АС4-0029 2017 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
АС4-0030 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
АС4-0031 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
АС4-0032 2012 Moscow Railway Likhobory
АС4-0033 Sverdlovsk railway Service cars ПЧ-20 Серов
АС4-0034 1996 Sverdlovsk railway Service cars ПЧ-28 Тобольск
АС4-0035 2002 Northern railway Service cars ПЧ-17 Вожега
АС4-0036 1996 Sverdlovsk railway Service cars ПЧ-28 Тобольск
АС4-0038 1997 2017 October railway Nigozero
АС4-039 1997 2017 October railway Nigozero
АС4-041 1997 2017 Sverdlovsk railway PMS-311
АС4-0043 06.2015 Belarusian Railway Service cars Порезан на территории ПЧ-17 Гомель в июле 2015 г.
АС4-0044 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
АС4-0049 Moscow Railway Vyazma
АС4-0050 1999 Moscow Railway VNIIZHT
АС4-0051 Moscow Railway Vyazma
АС4МУ-053 Trans-Baikal Railway PMS-333
АС4-0054 Trans-Baikal Railway Other
АС4МУ-055 Trans-Baikal Railway Shilka
АС4МУ-056 Trans-Baikal Railway PMS-306
АС4МУ-057 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
АС4МУ-059 18030059 2017 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
АС4МУ-060 2002 Northern railway PMS-277
АС4МУ-061 2002 Northern railway PMS-324 ПЧ-28 Микунь
АС4МУ-062 Northern railway Kotlas
АС4МУ-063 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
АС4МУ-065 2017 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
АС4МУ-066 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
АС4МУ-067 00150067 2017 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
АС4МУ-068 2003 Northern railway Yaroslavl-Gl.
АС4МУ-069 North Caucasus railway PChM Novocherkassk
АС4МУ-072 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
АС4МУ-073 Moscow Railway Vyazma
АС4МУ-074 North Caucasus railway PChM Tikhoretsk
АС4МУ-075 2017 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
АС4МУ-076 Kuybyshev railway KBSHrail-DI ПЧ-2 Пенза

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