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Модернизация крана КДЭ253

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
КЖДЭ25-02 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-29 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖДЭ25-32 1989 Krasnoyarsk Railway Borodinskoe CTM
КЖДЭ25-33 04.1986 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
КЖДЭ25-62 18921015 1986 Near-Dnipro Railway Service ПМС-136 Федоровка
КЖДЭ25-73 1986 Transnistrian railroad Industrial vehicles Молдавская ГРЭС, г. Днестровск
КЖДЭ25-78 West Siberian railway Service cars ООО «УК «Кузбасстрансмет», Новокузнецк
КЖДЭ25-81 North Caucasus Railway Krasnodar
КЖДЭ25-098 10.1986 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-15 Осиповичи
КЖДЭ25-117 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-139 04.1987 October Railway Izora
КЖДЭ25-143 Moscow Railway Private Калугапутьмаш
КЖДЭ25-160 1987 Moscow Railway Service cars Мостоотряд-47
КЖДЭ25-181 West Siberian railway Other в/ч 53140 (п. Флотский)
КЖДЭ25-186 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy KPTY
КЖДЭ25-224 05.1988 October Railway Izora
КЖДЭ25-229 Moscow Railway NPPZhT
КЖДЭ25-234 1988 Latvian Railways Service
КЖДЭ25-261 1988 Other Other завод "Вторчермет"
КЖДЭ25-269 East Siberian Railway Tugnui
КЖДЭ25-270 1988 Moscow Railway Roshalskoe PPZhT
КЖДЭ25-278 1990 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-289 1989 Moscow Railway Private
КЖДЭ25-295 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖДЭ25-301 04.1989 South-Eastern Railway Private ст. Воронеж-Курский
КЖДЭ25-314 06.1989 Donetsk Railway Luhanscteplovoz
КЖДЭ25-318 06.1989 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Верхнесинячихинский металлургический завод
КЖДЭ25-321 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-324 Moscow Railway Private ОАО "Балашихинский литейно-механический завод"
КЖДЭ25-334 Moscow Railway PMS-58
КЖДЭ25-343 Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-357 1989 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО "Беларусьрезинотехника"
КЖДЭ25-358 18921031 1989 Near-Dnipro Railway Service РСП-57
КЖДЭ25-363 1990 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
КЖДЭ25-377 18921049 1990 Near-Dnipro Railway Dnepr.
КЖДЭ25-378 October Railway Service
КЖДЭ25-379 1990 Moscow Railway Private ООО "Рэйл-Про", Орёл
КЖДЭ25-390 Moscow Railway Private ООО "Рэйл-Про", Орёл
КЖДЭ25-392 05.1990 Moscow Railway Private Мценский литейный завод" Орловская обл. г. Мценск
КЖДЭ25-399 1990 South Urals Railways Private Челябвтормет
КЖДЭ25-401 1990 South Urals Railways ChTPZ
КЖДЭ25-407 1990 Other Other завод "Вторчермет"
КЖДЭ25-425 Ferrocarriles de Cuba FC
КЖДЭ25-432 1990 Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-438 October Railway Private Тверь, ТЭЦ-3
КЖДЭ25-438 Moscow Railway Maltsovo
КЖДЭ25-449 199* Northern Railway Fosagro
КЖДЭ25-469 Gorky Railway Private Ижсталь
КЖДЭ25-472 05.1991 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Верещагинский ПРМЗ
КЖДЭ25-479 1991 West Siberian railway Private ОАО «Бийский котельный завод»
КЖДЭ25-495 Moscow Railway Private в/ч 12672 (ст. Соколовская)
КЖДЭ25-504 10.1991 October Railway Private Надвоицкий алюминиевый завод
КЖДЭ25-513 Near-Dnipro Railway SС "Avlita"
КЖДЭ25-519 West Siberian railway Service cars ТД "Евраз Холдинг" ОСП "Абагур"
КЖДЭ25-531 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-534 Kuybyshev Railway Private ОАО "Сокол", Самара
КЖДЭ25-555 South Urals Railways ZEMZ «Златоустовский металлургический завод»
КЖДЭ25-573 Moscow Railway Private Алексин, завод "Тяжпромарматура"
КЖДЭ25-581 Gorky Railway Private ОАО "Нижегородский машиностроительный Завод"
КЖДЭ25-585 West Siberian railway NPPJT1
КЖДЭ25-587 1992 Near-Dnipro Railway Zaporizhia FР
КЖДЭ25-588 West Siberian railway NPPJT1
КЖДЭ25-612 East Siberian Railway Tugnui
КЖДЭ25-616 Gorky Railway Private ОАО "Нижегородский машиностроительный Завод"
КЖДЭ25-618 October Railway VChD-14 Tver
КЖДЭ25-620 West Siberian railway Chernigovsky UR
КЖДЭ25-627 October Railway PMS-77
КЖДЭ25-631 Zabaikal Railway PMS-185
КЖДЭ25-633 October Railway Private ОАО «Силовые машины», завод «Электросила», Санкт-Петербург
КЖДЭ25-634 1992 October Railway Private Кондопожский ЦБК
КЖДЭ25-638 North Caucasus Railway JSC Tagmet
КЖДЭ25-648 12.1992 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Jezkazgan
КЖДЭ25-662 Gorky Railway PMS-109
КЖДЭ25-672 North Caucasus Railway Gukovpogruztrans
КЖДЭ25-673 02.1993 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-679 199х Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-681 03.1993 Near-Dnipro Railway Nikopol FP
КЖДЭ25-687 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
КЖДЭ25-692 03.1993 Far Eastern Railway Service ПЧ-19 Советская Гавань
КЖДЭ25-695 03.1993 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Сургут, ПСК "Промтрансстройпуть"
КЖДЭ25-696 18921056 1993 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-285 Бахмач
КЖДЭ25-697 South-Western Railway Private Завод "Большевик" Киев
КЖДЭ25-704 04.1993 2017 Yamal Railway Company (Joint-stock company) Distance of rail
КЖДЭ25-708 1993 West Siberian railway Private ООО «УК «Кузбасстрансмет», Новокузнецк
КЖДЭ25-715 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖДЭ25-719 1993 October Railway Service
КЖДЭ25-720 05.1993 Northern Railway Ivanovo
КЖДЭ25-721 05.1993 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars СМП-584 Сургут
КЖДЭ25-723 Odessa Railway Transport technologi
КЖДЭ25-0725 Southern Railway Private ГП «Завод "Электротяжмаш"
КЖДЭ25-733 1994 Moscow Railway Private
КЖДЭ25-738 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
КЖДЭ25-746 Zabaikal Railway Service
КЖДЭ25-749 11.1994 Yamal Railway Company (Joint-stock company) other ООО "МАКС"
КЖДЭ25-755 Belarusian Railway Gomel
КЖДЭ25-759 Zabaikal Railway Service Белогорск
КЖДЭ25-763 18921064 1996 Southern Railway Osnova
КЖДЭ25-0796 Southern Railway Private ГП «Завод "Электротяжмаш"

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New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
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Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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