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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
КЖ461 Kuybyshev Railway Private ЗАО «ГК Электрощит — ТМ Самара»
КЖ461-1 Gorky Railway PMS-205
КЖ461-3 06.1993 Gorky Railway Yudino
КЖ461-4 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-6 1993 Far Eastern Railway Service Эксплуатационное вагонное депо Уссурийск
КЖ461-7 Far Eastern Railway PMS-74
КЖ461-9 Far Eastern Railway PMS-219
КЖ461-10 1993 2017 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-11 1993 Far Eastern Railway Private ООО "Ярославская горнорудная компания", пос. Ярославский
КЖ461-12 06.1993 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
КЖ461-13 Moscow Railway PMS-55
КЖ461-15 Moscow Railway PMS-12
КЖ461-16 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-181
КЖ461-18 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-256
КЖ461-24 07.1993 October Railway Service
КЖ461-25 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-28 October Railway Petrozavodsk
КЖ461-29 1993 North Caucasus Railway Tuapse
КЖ461-30 Moscow Railway PMS-101
КЖ461-33 1993 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ПЧ-6 Свердловск-Сортировочный
КЖ461-34 08.1993 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ст. Шарташ
КЖ461-40 October Railway PMS-88
КЖ461-42 October Railway Tosno
КЖ461-43 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-45 12.1993 North Caucasus Railway Private Ростовский ЭРЗ
КЖ461-48 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-49 West Siberian railway Barabinsk
КЖ461-50 12.1993 Sverdlovsk Railway Vojnovka
КЖ461-55 Gorky Railway Service ПРП ст. Белка-Слободская
КЖ461-58 01.1994 Northern Railway Losta
КЖ461-60 Gorky Railway PMS-215
КЖ461-60 South Urals Railways PMS-36
КЖ461-61 03.1994 Far Eastern Railway Tynda
КЖ461-63 Moscow Railway Private Промжелдортранс
КЖ461-64 West Siberian railway Moskovka
КЖ461-67 08.1994 2016 October Railway Private ОЭВРЗ
КЖ461-70 05.1994 Northern Railway Losta
КЖ461-71 Far Eastern Railway Khabarovsk-II
КЖ461-73 South Urals Railways ECh Tchelyabinsk
КЖ461-76 1994 Gorky Railway Service ПРП ст. Киров-Котласский
КЖ461-77 09.1994 October Railway SPb-Sort-Vitebskiy
КЖ461-88 1995 Zabaikal Railway Service Склад топлива ст. Зилово
КЖ461-89 South-Eastern Railway Private Мичуринский ЛРЗ
КЖ461-91 South Urals Railways ECh Troitsk
КЖ461-92 1995 Zabaikal Railway Service Склад топлива ст. Могоча
КЖ461-94 04.1995 October Railway Kem'
КЖ461-97 05.1995 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Пурпе, база ПТОИК Роснефть-Пурнефтегаз
КЖ461-98 1995 North Caucasus Railway Service cars
КЖ461-101 1995 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-16 Жлобин
КЖ461-102 1995 Moscow Railway Lyblino
КЖ461-103 06.1995 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
КЖ461-105 1995 October Railway Kem'
КЖ461-106 09.1995 October Railway SPb-Sort-Mosk
КЖ461-108 10.1995 October Railway Nigozero
КЖ461-109 Zabaikal Railway Other
КЖ461-110 02.1996 2017 October Railway Nigozero
КЖ461-111 18919019 1996 Southern Railways Smorodino
КЖ461-113 02.1996 October Railway Service НГЧ-1 Москва-Октябрьская
КЖ461-114 03.1996 October Railway Suoyarvi
КЖ461-115 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
КЖ461-120 Belarusian Railway Osipovichi
КЖ461-122 08.1996 Gorky Railway PMS-205
КЖ461-124 09.1996 Yamal Railway Company (Joint-stock company) Putrem
КЖ461-125 Northern Railway PMS-110
КЖ461-130 October Railway Service
КЖ461-132 1997 October Railway Pikaliovo
КЖ461-142 Zabaikal Railway PMS-247
КЖ461-143 Kuybyshev Railway Private ОАО "Сода", г. Стерлитамак
КЖ461-145 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
КЖ461-146 18919027 06.1998 Donetsk Railway Debaltsevo-Sort.
КЖ461-147 18919035 1998 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ПМС-7
КЖ461-150 1998 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
КЖ461-151 Moscow Railway JSC "DMP"
КЖ461-154 Northern Railway PMS-277
КЖ461-159 South-Eastern Railway Povorino
КЖ461-160 03.2000 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI ПТОЛ Сызрань-I
КЖ461-161 03.2000 October Railway Dno
КЖ461-162 03.2000 North Caucasus Railway Tikhoretskaya
КЖ461-164 Far Eastern Railway Khabarovsk-II
КЖ461-166 Far Eastern Railway Kholmsk
КЖ461-167 06.2000 East Siberian Railway Taishet
КЖ461-168 09.2000 South Urals Railways ECh Zlatoust
КЖ461-169 06.2000 Sverdlovsk Railway Perm'-Sorting
КЖ461-171 North Caucasus Railway Lokomotivremservis
КЖ461-173 2000 North Caucasus Railway Private
КЖ461-174 2000 Gorky Railway Service ПРП ст. Котельнич-2
КЖ461-177 11.2000 Krasnoyarsk Railway Ilanskaja
КЖ461-178 12.2000 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖ461-184 2000 October Railway Pikaliovo
КЖ461-185 Zabaikal Railway PMS-185
КЖ461-195 Zabaikal Railway PMS-185
КЖ461-196 East Siberian Railway PMS-67
КЖ461-198 October Railway Private Боровичский комбинат огнеупоров
КЖ461-203 2003 Far Eastern Railway Private Тихоокеанская мостостроительная компания, г. Уссурийск
КЖ461-204 Gorky Railway PMS-205
КЖ461-207 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service ПЧ-41 Актогай
КЖ461-211 Gorky Railway Lyangasovo

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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