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Кран железнодорожный дизель-электрический строительно-монтажный

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
КЖС16-04 18917518 1994 Southwestern Railways South-West railway СМП-392
КЖС16-5 Northern Railway ODER-S
КЖС16-06 03.1995 October Railway Service ЭМП-688
КЖС16-8 South Urals Railways ECh Shumikha
КЖС16-9 Sverdlovsk Railway SDER-S
КЖС16-12 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
КЖС16-13 08.1995 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-14 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖС16-15 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-17 01.1996 October Railway ODER-O
КЖС16-18 05.1996 October Railway ODER-O
КЖС16-19 07.1996 Moscow Railway ODER-M
КЖС16-20 Krasnoyarsk Railway WSDER-Kr
КЖС16-21 Sverdlovsk Railway SDER-S
КЖС16-23 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
КЖС16-24 Northern Railway ODER-S
КЖС16-26 12.1996 October Railway ODER-O
КЖС16-27 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-28 18917526 1997 Southwestern Railways South-West railway СМП-392
КЖС16-30 06.1997 2017 Moscow Railway Imeni Ilyicha
КЖС16-31 West Siberian railway Service cars Тех. узел ЗС ж. д.
КЖС16-32 Sverdlovsk Railway SPMS-341
КЖС16-34 Moscow Railway Service cars Щербинка
КЖС16-35 Moscow Railway Service cars Мытищи
КЖС16-36 12.1997 Moscow Railway 1520 ЭМП-704
КЖС16-37 West Siberian railway WSDER-WS
КЖС16-41 18917534 1999 Southwestern Railways South-West railway СМП-392
КЖС16-42 06.1999 October Railway Service БСК
КЖС16-45 12.1999 October Railway Private СМП Кандалакша
КЖС16-46 October Railway Energomontage
КЖС16-49 05.2000 October Railway Energomontage ЭМП-712
КЖС16-50 05.2000 October Railway Energomontage ЭМП-712
КЖС16-51 05.2000 October Railway Service ЭМП-712, ранее БСК-Э
КЖС16-52 05.2000 October Railway Service
КЖС16-53 08.2000 October Railway SZPZhT Тверь
КЖС16-54 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-55 2000 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖС16-56 10.2000 Northern Railway Service cars БСК
КЖС16-58 10.2000 October Railway Service БСК-15
КЖС16-59 October Railway Energomontage ЭМП-712
КЖС16-61 Far Eastern Railway Service Забайкальская дирекция КРЭ
КЖС16-62 11.2000 October Railway Service БСК
КЖС16-63 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖС16-64 11.2000 October Railway Service БСК
КЖС16-65 Zabaikal Railway ZDER-Z
КЖС16-66 12.2001 October Railway Tosno
КЖС16-67 October Railway Service
КЖС16-68 October Railway ODER-O
КЖС16-69 12.2000 October Railway Petrozavodsk
КЖС16-70 October Railway Energomontage ЭМП-712
КЖС16-71 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-72 03.2001 October Railway Private
КЖС16-73 06.2001 October Railway Service БСК
КЖС16-74 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖС16-75 09.1995 South-Eastern Railway Transugstroy
КЖС16-76 10.2000 October Railway Service
КЖС16-77 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-79 11.2001 Moscow Railway Service cars ЭМП-1
КЖС16-80 11.2001 Moscow Railway Service cars ЭМП-1
КЖС16-81 18917542 2001 L'viv Railways Service is the path ПМС-123 Ровно
КЖС16-82 18917559 2001 Odessa Railways Service is the path ПМС-127
КЖС16-83 Zabaikal Railway ZDER-Z
КЖС16-84 18917567 2001 Southwestern Railways Service is the path ПМС-120 Казатин-2
КЖС16-85 Moscow Railway Private Московское МПП "Салют"
КЖС16-87 South Urals Railways ECh-4 Petropavlovsk
КЖС16-88 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
КЖС16-89 05.2002 Kuybyshev Railway KDER
КЖС16-90 West Siberian railway Transkomplectenergo
КЖС16-91 18917575 2003 Odessa Railways Service is the path ПМС-128
КЖС16-92 Moscow Railway 1520 ЭМП-701
КЖС16-93 Moscow Railway 1520
КЖС16-94 18917591 2004 Cisdnieper Railways South-West railway ЭЧ-4
КЖС16-95 18917583 2004 Southern Railways Рower supply service ЭЧ-7
КЖС16-98 South Urals Railways SDER-Y
КЖС16-99 05.2005 Gorky Railway Service СМП Вятка
КЖС16-101 South Urals Railways SDER-Y
КЖС16-102 South Urals Railways SDER-Y

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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