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Фрезерно-роторный электрический снегоочиститель
Выпуск по годам:
1989 002-006
1990 007-010
1991 011-015
1992 016, 017
1993 018
1994 019
1995 020, 021
1996 022-024
1997 025
1998 026
1999 027, 028

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ФРЭС2-002 1989 Northern Railway PMS-277
ФРЭС2-004 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service ПЧ Жем
ФРЭС2-005 Northern Railway PMS-277
ФРЭС2-006 19213065 1989 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ФРЭС2-007 19213073 1990 Northern Railway PMS-324
ФРЭС2-008 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
ФРЭС2-009 West Siberian railway PChM Topki
ФРЭС2-010 19213107 1990 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI СПМС-330 (ПЧ-24 Бугульма)
ФРЭС2-012 South Urals Railways UPM Kuvandyk
ФРЭС2-015 19213156 Northern Railway PMS-277
ФРЭС2-016 South Urals Railways UPM Kuvandyk
ФРЭС2-019 19213198 October Railway Nigozero
ФРЭС2-021 2017 Far Eastern Railway PMS-336
ФРЭС2-022 19213107 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI СПМС-330 (ПЧ-18 Аша)
ФРЭС2-023 19213230 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ФРЭС2-024 16213248 October Railway Nigozero
ФРЭС2-025 West Siberian railway PChM Topki
ФРЭС2-026 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ФРЭС2-029 19213297 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ФРЭС2-030 Krasnoyarsk Railway PChM Bazayha
ФРЭС2-031 19213313 Northern Railway PMS-324 ПЧ-36 Воркута

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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