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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ПРСМ4 19724103 Cisdnieper Railways Centralny GOK
ПРСМ4-001 19723014 East Siberian Railway PMS-56
ПРСМ4-004 19724004 1987 Donetsk Railway Railway technics РСП6 Красный Лиман
ПРСМ4-006 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-012 19723121 1988 Odessa Railways Service is the path РСП-13
ПРСМ4-013 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-015 1988 2016 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-018 19724186 1988 Latvian Railways Service
ПРСМ4-019 1988 Moscow Railway PMS-97
ПРСМ4-021 19723212 1988 Latvian Railways Service
ПРСМ4-022 1988 October Railway Service РСП-1 Предпортовая
ПРСМ4-023 Moldovan Railways PMS-294
ПРСМ4-025 1989 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-029 19723295 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars РСП-4 Кунгур
ПРСМ4-031 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-034 Georgian Railway Other
ПРСМ4-035 19723352 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-036 19720366 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars РСП-4 Кунгур
ПРСМ4-037 1989 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-038 19723386 1990 Southwestern Railways Service is the path РСП-5
ПРСМ4-043 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-046 19724467 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-053 Poland, other companies Other
ПРСМ4-055 1992 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-056 19723568 1992 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-057 19724574 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-059 19723592 1992 Cisdnieper Railways Service РСП-39 Верховцево
ПРСМ4-060 19724608 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
ПРСМ4-067 1993 Gorky Railway Service
ПРСМ4-068 1993 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-069 19724699 1993 Moscow Railway Service cars РСП-18 Купавна (аутсорсинг РСП-М, Москва)
ПРСМ4-070 1993 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-072 Krasnoyarsk Railway Service
ПРСМ4-073 19724731 Moscow Railway PMS-55 РСП-18
ПРСМ4-074 1995 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-075 19724756 1996 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-076 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-077 19724772 1998 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-080 19724806 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-081 19724814 2000 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-082 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-48
ПРСМ4-083 2000 Railways of Serbia Novi Sad
ПРСМ4-084 19724848 2000 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-085 19724855 2000 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-086 2000 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-087 19723873 2001 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-088 19723881 2001 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-089 19723899 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-090 19723907 2001 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-091 19723915 2001 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-092 19723923 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-093 19773415 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-094 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-095 19723956 2002 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-096 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-097 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-098 19723980 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-99 19723998 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-100 19724004 Belarusian Railway Service cars РСП-10 Орша
ПРСМ4-101 2003 Moscow Railway Service cars
ПРСМ4-102 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
ПРСМ4-106 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Service
ПРСМ4-107 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
ПРСМ4-108 19724087 Moscow Railway Service cars Аренда РСП
ПРСМ4-109 19729599 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-110 2004 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-111 19729615 2004 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-112 19729623 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-113 19724137 2004 Odessa Railways Service is the path РСП-13
ПРСМ4-114 19724145 2004 Southern Railways Service cars РСП-11 Кременчуг
ПРСМ4-115 19724152 2004 L'viv Railways Service is the path РСП-16
ПРСМ4-116 2004 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-117 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ПРСМ4-118 2005 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-38
ПРСМ4-119 East Siberian Railway PMS-56
ПРСМ4-120 19729706 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Bagayevka
ПРСМ4-121 19729714 2005 South-Eastern Railway PMS-140
ПРСМ4-122 19729722 06.2005 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-48
ПРСМ4-123 19729730 08.2005 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-124 19729748 10.2005 South Urals Railways PMS-176
ПРСМ4-125 19765882 12.2005 Far Eastern Railway PMS-186
ПРСМ4-126 19729763 12.2005 Northern Railway PMS-111
ПРСМ4-127 02.2006 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
ПРСМ4-128 19723287 04.2006 Latvian Railways Service CPE-1 Šķirotava
ПРСМ4-129 2006 October Railway PMS-88
ПРСМ4-130 19729805 North Caucasus Railway PMS-24
ПРСМ4-131 19729813 2006 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ПРСМ4-132 19729821 2006 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-171
ПРСМ4-133 2006 West Siberian railway PMS-20
ПРСМ4-135 19729854 2007 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ПРСМ4-136 19729862 2008 South Urals Railways PMS-176 Аренда РСП-13
ПРСМ4-137 19729870 East Siberian Railway PMS-56

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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