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Железнодорожный кран грузоподъёмностью 50 т.

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Works number ID number Built Railway Depot Note
EDK300-xxx Kuybyshev Railway Other
EDK300 Belarusian Railway Osipovichi Восстановительный поезд станции Осиповичи
EDK300-16 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
EDK300-34 October Railway Service ВП-3017 Мурманск
EDK300-61 October Railway Izora
EDK300-70 Norilsk Railway (PJSC MMC «Norilsk Nickel») Track service
EDK300-76 Moscow Railway Kosaya Gora Iron Wrk
EDK300-78 Moscow Railway Service cars
EDK300-084 1380084 18934257 1966 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
EDK300-095 18934950 1966 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-4
EDK300-142 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
EDK300-148 Moscow Railway Barsukovskoe RU
EDK300-159 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
EDK300-169 1968 Latvian Railways Liepājas metalurg
EDK300-241 1970 Krasnoyarsk Railway Borodinskoe CTM
EDK300-250 1970 Railways of Montenegro ŽPCG
EDK300-254 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
EDK300-269 1971 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy KPTY
EDK300-294 1971 Private carriers Uralhimtrans АО «Воскресенские минеральные удобрения»
EDK300-297 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3446 Сосногорск
EDK300-302 1971 Estonian Railway Service
EDK300-304 1971 October Railway Private Невский завод
EDK300-306 Gorky Railway Private Чебоксарский завод пром. тракторов
EDK300-306 October Railway Apatit
EDK300-312 1972 October Railway Apatit
EDK300-317 1972 Sverdlovsk Railway Pervouralskoye RU
EDK300-345 Donetsk Railway Luhanscteplovoz
EDK300-370 1973 Latvian Railways Service
EDK300-373 1973 Moscow Railway Private ОАО "Мостострой-66", Орёл
EDK300-379 18934216 1973 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-4
EDK300-405 1974 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-414 Постышево
EDK300-435 1380435 18934240 1975 Odessa Railways Service ВП Рени
EDK300-437 Gorky Railway Private Чебоксарский завод пром. тракторов
EDK300-442 18934265 1975 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-4
EDK300-443 18934232 1975 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-4
EDK300-484 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-4443 Инта
EDK300-5491 Donetsk Railway PHRT

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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