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Железнодорожный кран грузоподъёмностью 80 т.

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
EDK500 Cisdnieper Railways PGOK
EDK500 ххх Moldovan Railways Service ВП-5 Бэлць
EDK500/1 Kuybyshev Railway Zavolzhskoe PPZhT
EDK500/1-368 Kuybyshev Railway Zavolzhskoe PPZhT
EDK500-381 1984 02.2009 Yamal Railway Company (Joint-stock company) other Восстановительный поезд
EDK500/1-396 Latvian Railways Service
EDK500/1-447 1983 2019 West Siberian railway Chernigovsky UR
EDK500/1-456 18936567 1983 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-4
EDK500/1-463 18936716 1983 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-2
EDK500/1-474 1984 October Railway Service МО-48 Псков
EDK500/1-486 18936203 Southern Railways Service cars ВП Кременчуг
EDK500/1-497 1984 October Railway Apatit
EDK500/1-499 18936187 1984 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-1
EDK500/1-505 1987 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-526 Поронайск
EDK500/1-512 18936211 1986 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-2 ВП Никитовка
EDK500/1-529 East Siberian Railway Other Коршуновский ГОК
EDK500/1-540 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ВП Верещагино
EDK500-542 October Railway Izora
EDK500-544 October Railway Private ПО "Электросила"
EDK500/1-545 18936450 1986 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-5
EDK500/1-556 18936229 09.1986 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-1
EDK500/1-577 1988 Belarusian Railway Service cars Восстановительный поезд станции Жлобин
EDK500/1-578 1986 October Railway Service ВП-4003 Ледмозеро
EDK500/1-581 Latvian Railways Service ВП Резекне
EDK500/1-582 1986 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-620 Тында
EDK500/1-583 1986 Northern Railway Service cars ВП Череповец
EDK500/1-584 18936310 1986 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-3
EDK500/1-586 18936369 1986 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-3
EDK500/1-594 18936344 1987 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-3
EDK500/1-602 East Siberian Railway Korshunovskiy МСМ
EDK500-604 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3441 Печора
EDK500/1-609 1988 Kuybyshev Railway AUTOVAZTRANS
EDK500/1-612 1988 October Railway Service ВП-3014 Медвежья Гора
EDK500/1-614 1988 Sverdlovsk Railway Private ВП Салым
EDK500/1-618 18936302 1988 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП Иловайск
EDK500-620 Latvian Railways Liepājas metalurg
EDK500/1-622 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Пурпе, база ПТОИК Роснефть-Пурнефтегаз
EDK500/1-624 1989 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-413 Высокогорная
EDK500/1-625 1989 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-622 Юктали
EDK500-632 00000309 Belarusian Railway Kalinkovichi В составе пожарного поезда ПЧ-18 Калинковичи
EDK500-633 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП Калинковичи
EDK500/1-636 Kuybyshev Railway Private АО «РКЦ «Прогресс», Самара
EDK500/1-637 Belarusian Railway Service cars Восстановительный поезд станции Орша
EDK500-642 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Shubarkol
EDK500/1-645 1989 October Railway Service ВП-3452 Псков
EDK500/1-647 1989 Latvian Railways Service
EDK500/1-648 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3442
EDK500/1-649 18936393 1989 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-2
EDK500/1-651 18936237 03.1989 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-5
EDK500-662 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
EDK500/1-669 1989 Gorky Railway Vyksa
EDK500/1-684 Moscow Railway Tulachermet
EDK500/1-685 18936328 1990 Odessa Railways Service ДН-3
EDK500/1-688 18936336 1990 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-1
EDK500/1-689 1990 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ВП-12 Серов
EDK500/1-697 18936377 1990 Odessa Railways Service ВП-1 Одесса
EDK500/1-700 1990 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-618 Верхнезейск
EDK500/1-703 1990 Belarusian Railway Service cars Восстановительный поезд станции Гомель
EDK500/1-706 1990 October Railway Service ВП-4003 Ледмозеро
EDK500/1-707 18936245 11.1990 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП-3 Красноармейск
EDK500/1-715 Donetsk Railway Luganskloadtrans
EDK500/1-719 1992 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-621 Беркакит
EDK500/1-721 1992 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП Холмск
EDK500/1-722 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3442 Воркута
EDK500/1-723 1992 Gorky Railway Service ВП Муром
EDK500/1-724 1992 October Railway Service ВП-3013 Кандалакша
EDK500/1-766 Belarusian Railway Service cars Восстановительный поезд ст. Калинковичи
EDK500-13469 Lithuanian Railway Service cars

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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