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AM1 (TU8P)

Ширококолейный вариант автомотрисы ТУ8П, выпускались с номера 0056, с номера 084 выпускались под серией АМ1

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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ТУ8П-001 1989 Gorky Railway ANCS «Railway Museum
ТУ8П-0002 1988 L'viv Railways Osmoloda forest
ТУ8П-0003 1990 Uzbekistan railways Other Детский парк "Губча"
ТУ8П-0004 1990 Uzbekistan railways Other Детский парк "Губча"
ТУ8П-0005 07.1990 North Caucasus Railway Apsheronsk
ТУ8П-0006 North Caucasus Railway Apsheronsk
ТУ8П-0007 1990 Far Eastern Railway Service ПЧ-1 Южно-Сахалинск
АМ1-008 01.1997 01.2015 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
ТУ8П-008 1990 Far Eastern Railway Service ПЧ-4 Тымовск
ТУ8П-0009 Far Eastern Railway Sakhalinneft
ТУ8П-0010 Far Eastern Railway Sakhalinneft
ТУ8П-0055 1992 Gorky Railway Private Верхнекамский ЛПХ
ТУ8П-0056 1992 Far Eastern Railway Service ПЧ-4 Тымовск
ТУ8П-0057 1992 Far Eastern Railway Service ПЧ-3 Поронайск
ТУ8П-060 11.1994 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ТУ8П-061 1995 Gorky Railway Service ПЧ Сарапул
ТУ8П-063 1995 Gorky Railway Service ПЧ-14 Яр
ТУ8П-065 03.1995 2013 Gorky Railway Service ПЧ-30 Лукоянов
ТУ8П-066 03.1995 Gorky Railway Service ПЧ-18 Алатырь
ТУ8П-070 1995 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Service ПЧ-14 Аткарск
ТУ8П-071 1995 2017 North Caucasus Railway PChM Tikhoretsk
ТУ8П-074 1995 Moscow Railway Service cars ПЧ-48 Узловая
ТУ8П-079 1995 Moldovan Railways Service
ТУ8П-080 1995 2012 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI ПЧ-20 Рузаевка
ТУ8П-081 1995 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI ПЧ-16 Дёма
ТУ8П-082 1995 South Urals Railways Service ПЧ-7
ТУ8П-084 11.1995 North Caucasus Railway Service cars ПЧ-34 Белая Калитва
АМ1-085 01.1996 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ПЧ-32 Нижневартовск
АМ1-087 03.1996 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ПЧ-32 Нижневартовск
АМ1-089 06.1996 2017 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ТУ8П-0095 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-007
АМ1-096 1996 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-008
АМ1-0104 1996 Northern Railway Service cars ПЧ-37 Елецкая
АМ1-0106 1996 October Railway Service ПЧ-38 Кемь
АМ1-0107 1996 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ПЧ-18 Смычка
АМ1-0114 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0012
АМ1-0115 1996 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0013
АМ1-0117 11.1996 2017 West Siberian railway PChM Topki
АМ1-0118 1996 Northern Railway Service cars ПЧ-28 Микунь
АМ1-0119 07.1996 Northern Railway Service cars ПЧ-34 Инта
АМ1-0121 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0014
АМ1-0123 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0016
АМ1-0124 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0017
АМ1-0125 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0018
АМ1-0127 1997 Gorky Railway Other АМД1-0020
АМ1-0131 2016 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
АМ1-0132 Northern Railway Service cars ПТУ Воркутауголь
ТУ8П-1990 Northern Railway Monzales

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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