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Машина для замены шпал

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Works number Built Railway Depot Note
МСШУ4 Krasnoyarsk Railway Nazarovsky UR
МСШУ Kuybyshev Railway VolgaUralTrans Филиал Салават
МСШУ4 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Private ТОО «ЛогистикТранс ПВ» , Павлодар
МСШУ4 South-Eastern Railway Private Студеновский ГОК
МСШУ4-ХХХ Sverdlovsk Railway Sinarapromtrans
МСШУ4-002 Kuybyshev Railway Private Пензенское ППЖТ (?)
МСШУ-4 Moscow Railway Moskoks
МСШУ4 № 22 Zabaikal Railway Private Строительство Амурского ГПЗ
МСШУ4-025 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
МСШУ4-047 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
МСШУ4-048 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
МСШУ4-57 Southwestern Railways Kiev-Dnieper MPPZHT Трипольский филиал
МСШУ4-061 1988 Kuybyshev Railway Private АО "Промсинтез" г.Чапаевск
МСШУ4-067 1988 Krasnoyarsk Railway «FGUP GHK»
МСШУ4-074 1988 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
МСШУ4-100 Krasnoyarsk Railway V-Sibpromtrans Минусинский филиал
МСШУ4-103 103 1989 October Railway Other
МСШУ4-104 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
МСШУ4-136 1989 Moscow Railway Kurskoe PPZhT
МСШУ4-220 1990 October Railway Apatit
МСШУ4-289 1990 Moscow Railway Private Мценский литейный завод" Орловская обл. г. Мценск
МСШУ4-363 1991 North Caucasus Railway Krasnodarskoe PPZhT
МСШУ4-380 1991 Northern Railway Private Котласский ЦБК
МСШУ4-404 Gorky Railway Kazanskoe PPZhT
МСШУ4-424 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
МСШУ4-447 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
МСШУ4-463 1992 Gorky Railway Private ООО «Синтез Сервис-1», Дзержинск
МСШУ4-465 1992 Crimea railway Soda Crimea Plant
МСШУ4-479 West Siberian railway Krasnobrodsky UR
МСШУ4-508 1993 West Siberian railway Private
МСШУ4-516 1993 West Siberian railway Kedrovsky UR
МСШУ4-520 1993 Kuybyshev Railway VolgaUralTrans
МСШУ4-523 1993 Moscow Railway Private ОАО "Мценский литейный завод", Орловская обл., Мценск
МСШУ4-526 1993 Moscow Railway Orlovskoe PPZhT
МСШУ4-535 1993 South Urals Railways Private Магнитогорское ТУ
МСШУ4-540 Gorky Railway Kazanskoe PPZhT
МСШУ4-546 Cisdnieper Railways PGOK
МСШУ4-556 October Railway Service ПЧ-29 Мга

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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