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Путерихтовочная машина

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Works number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ПРМ3М Kuybyshev Railway PMS-208
ПРМ3М Kuybyshev Railway PMS-208
ПРМ3М 2015 October Railway Private Тверьэлектротранс
ПРМ3М East Siberian Railway Korshunovskiy МСМ
ПРМ3М Moscow Railway Moskoks
ПРМ3М-009 1983 Northern Railway Monzales
ПРМ3М-027 Donetsk Railway Shahtersktrans
ПРМ3М-038 October Railway Apatit
ПРМ3М-055 Sverdlovsk Railway NMZ
ПРМ3М-063 Northern Railway Private ОАО "ПО "Севмаш", г. Северодвинск
ПРМ3М-080 1984 West Siberian railway Private Барнаул, горэлектротранс
ПРМ3М-106 1984 Krasnoyarsk Railway Private АО "СУЭК"
ПРМ3М-139 South Urals Railways MMK ООО "Ремпуть"
ПРМ3М-145 1984 2016 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Private Саратов, МУП "СГЭТ"
ПРМ3М-160 1984 October Railway Private ТТУЛ (Горэлектротранс)
ПРМ3М-190 Kuybyshev Railway VolgaUralTrans Филиал Ульяновск
ПРМ3М-223 October Railway SZPZhT Тверское ППЖТ
ПРМ3М-226 1985 October Railway Slantcy concrete
ПРМ3М-254 1975 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
ПРМ3М-256 256 1985 Kuybyshev Railway VolgaUralTrans Филиал Самара
ПРМ3М-262 1985 Crimea railway Soda Crimea Plant
ПРМ3М-303 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
ПРМ3М-314 12.1986 October Railway PMS-83
ПРМ3М-361 1986 Yamal Railway Company (Joint-stock company) Distance of rail
ПРМ3М-369 Sverdlovsk Railway Kachkanarsky GOK
ПРМ3М-372 October Railway Private Тихвинский ВСЗ
ПРМ3М-386 Cisdnieper Railways PGOK
ПРМ3М-388 1986 October Railway SZPZhT СПб-Ладожское ППЖТ
ПРМ3М-403 1986 October Railway Private
ПРМ3М-486 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
ПРМ3М-500 1987 Moscow Railway ZIL
ПРМ3М-517 Sverdlovsk Railway Private
ПРМ3М-574 Sverdlovsk Railway Pervouralskoye RU
ПРМ3М-583 1987 October Railway Service ПМС-28 Горы
ПРМ3М-638 1988 Kuybyshev Railway VolgaUralTrans
ПРМ3М-646 1988 South Urals Railways Private Челябинск, Горэлектротранс
ПРМ3М-657 1988 Gorky Railway Private Ижевск, Горэлектротранс
ПРМ3М-658 1988 Gorky Railway Private Н. Новгород, Горэлектротранс
ПРМ3М-677 1988 Kuybyshev Railway Private Ульяновск, горэлектротранс
ПРМ3М-685 1988 Kuybyshev Railway ToAZ
ПРМ3М-694 1988 West Siberian railway Private Бийское трамвайное управление
ПРМ3М-698 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
ПРМ3М-731 1988 Gorky Railway Private Вятка-Промжелдортранс, Киров
ПРМ3М-745 1989 Latvian Railways Service SIA "Transmehanizacija"

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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