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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ТУ6Д-0004 1978 Estonian Railway Tootsi
ТУ6Д-0005 Gorky Railway Maisky
ТУ6Д-0010 Sverdlovsk Railway Alapaevskles л/п Березовка
ТУ6Д-0023 1979 Gorky Railway Gusevskoye
ТУ6Д-0028 1979 Northern Railway Zeblyaki
ТУ6Д-0029 1979 October Railway Private Островское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0037 1980 October Railway TKSM-2
ТУ6Д-0038 Belarusian Railway ZTBZ
ТУ6Д-0044 1980 Far Eastern Railway Sakhalinneft
ТУ6Д-0045 1980 Far Eastern Railway Sakhalinneft
ТУ6Д-0047 06.1980 Northern Railway Konetcgorsky
ТУ6Д-0049 09.1980 Northern Railway Loyga
ТУ6Д-0052 1980 October Railway Private Подборовский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0056 1980 Southwestern Railways Narrow gauge industr Бучманский торфобрикетный завод
ТУ6Д-0064 1980 October Railway Tesovo Т/П Тесово-IV
ТУ6ДМБ-071 1981 Belarusian Railway Vitebsky pear plant № 5
ТУ6Д-0075 1981 1997 Estonian Railway Narrow gauge Орусское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0079 1981 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Чуртанский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0085 Northern Railway Konetcgorsky
ТУ6Д-0094 1982 East Siberian Railway Khandagataisky
ТУ6Д-0096 1982 Gorky Railway Pinuyg
ТУ6Д-0098 Northern Railway Private Брусенецкий ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0099 Belarusian Railway stbz
ТУ6Д-0102 1982 2004 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Свердловская обл. Монетное ППЖТ.
ТУ6Д-0107 11.1982 October Railway Private Т/П Гладкое
ТУ6Д-0108 1982 Gorky Railway Lalsk Таврический л/п
ТУ6Д-0110 1982 Gorky Railway Maisky
ТУ6Д-0116 1982 Southwestern Railways Narrow gauge industr Озерянский торфобрикетный завод
ТУ6Д-0117 1982 Belarusian Railway Narrow gauge Ляховический ТБЗ
ТУ6Д-0118 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
ТУ6Д-0126 1983 1997 October Railway Tesovo Т/П Тесово-I
ТУ6Д-0133 1983 Far Eastern Railway Private ПО Дальполиметалл
ТУ6Д-0134 1983 2008 Gorky Railway Gusevskoye ООО "Биторф"
ТУ6Д-0138 10.1983 2017 Far Eastern Railway Shakhterskoye PTU
ТУ6Д-0142 1983 October Railway Private Т/П Дедово Поле (Сазоново)
ТУ6Д-0149 08.1983 2000 October Railway Private Подборовский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0150 1983 Moscow Railway Shatura Бакшеевское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0151 1983 West Siberian railway Narrow gauge industr Космсомольский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0159 1983 Gorky Railway Private Пищальское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0165 1983 October Railway Museum NG
ТУ6Д-0171 1983 L'viv Railways Vygoda forest
ТУ6Д-0174 Gorky Railway Maisky
ТУ6Д-0183 1984 Estonian Railway Tootsi ТВМ1-001
ТУ6Д-0188 1984 Gorky Railway Private Орловское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0189 1984 Belarusian Railway Ditva
ТУ6Д-0190 07.1984 Far Eastern Railway Pobedino
ТУ6Д-0192 1984 October Railway Zaplus'e
ТУ6Д-0196 04.1984 Northern Railway Loyga
ТУ6Д-0201 10.1984 Gorky Railway Private Пищальское Т/П
ТУ6Д-0202 10.1984 Gorky Railway Gusevskoye
ТУ6Д-0204 1984 Tajikistan Railways Proletarsk
ТУ6Д-0207 1984 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Хабарчихинский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0209 1984 Sverdlovsk Railway Visimo-Utkinskaya Висимо-Уткинская ж. д.
ТУ6Д-0211 1984 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Туринский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0212 1984 Moscow Railway Shatura Бакшеевское торфопредприятие
ТУ6Д-0214 Northern Railway Loyga № 4
ТУ6Д-0220 1985 Gorky Railway Lalsk Таврический л/п
ТУ6Д-0221 03.1985 Gorky Railway Igrinsky
ТУ6Д-0222 1985 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Tekely
ТУ6Д-0229 Far Eastern Railway Pobedino
ТУ6Д-0233 1985 Gorky Railway Private Советско-Никольский (Постольский) ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0235 1985 Northern Railway Niubsky forest № 8
ТУ6Д-0236 1985 October Railway Tesovo Музей Тесовской ж. д.
ТУ6Д-0247 09.1985 Northern Railway Private Кологривский ЛПХ, Ужугский л/п
ТУ6Д-0248 1985 1998 Estonian Railway Narrow gauge KREENHOLMI VALDUSE AS (Нарвский ХБК)
ТУ6Д-0249 1985 East Siberian Railway IZTM
ТУ6Д-0250 1985 Lithuanian Railway Panevežys
ТУ6Д-0252 1985 200? Gorky Railway Oparino
ТУ6Д-0253 1986 Sverdlovsk Railway Visimo-Utkinskaya Висимо-Уткинская ж. д.
ТУ6Д-0255 1986 Northern Railway Private Нейский ЛПХ, Потрусовский л/п
ТУ6Д-0259 2012 October Railway Babayevo forest № 22
ТУ6Д-0262 1986 Northern Railway Private Красноборский ЛПХ, л/п Куликово
ТУ6Д-0264 Southwestern Railways Narrow gauge industr Озерянский торфобрикетный завод
ТУ6Д-0266 1986 West Siberian railway Narrow gauge industr Космсомольский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0270 1986 Northern Railway Private Сысольский ЛПХ, Заозёрный л/п
ТУ6Д-0273 1986 Northern Railway Shalakusha л/п Лепша
ТУ6Д-0274 03.1986 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
ТУ6Д-0279 Far Eastern Railway Pobedino
ТУ6Д-0281 04.1986 Sverdlovsk Railway Basyanovskoye
ТУ6Д-0285 Gorky Railway K-231 Созимский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0287 1986 Northern Railway Avnyugsky
ТУ6Д-0288 1986 200? Gorky Railway Oparino
ТУ6Д-0289 1986 Northern Railway Belyi ruchei
ТУ6Д-0293 1986 Northern Railway Zelennic
ТУ6Д-0304 08.1986 Northern Railway Loyga
ТУ6Д-0308 1986 L'viv Railways Stoyanov
ТУ6Д-0319 Д-Д-000203 1986 Gorky Railway Dymnoe TP
ТУ6Д-0326 1987 L'viv Railways Private Усть-Чернянский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0333 1987 L'viv Railways Smyhatorf
ТУ6Д-0336 1987 Northern Railway Erogosky forest № 8
ТУ6Д-0337 1987 South Urals Railways Private Верхнеуфалейский ЗРМО
ТУ6Д-0338 October Railway Babayevo forest
ТУ6Д-0340 1987 Gorky Railway Maisky
ТУ6Д-0347 1987 Gorky Railway Oparino
ТУ6Д-0350 1987 Gorky Railway Pinuyg л/п Пинюг
ТУ6Д-0353 1987 Moscow Railway Radovitcy
ТУ6Д-0354 07.1987 Northern Railway Private Поназыревский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0366 1987 1998 Estonian Railway Narrow gauge KREENHOLMI VALDUSE AS (Нарвский ХБК)
ТУ6Д-0369 1987 Northern Railway Private Якшангский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0372 07.1987 Estonian Railway Lavassaare
ТУ6Д-0377 08.1987 05.2020 Gorky Railway Oparino
ТУ6Д-0378 08.1987 Estonian Railway Lavassaare
ТУ6Д-0381 1987 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Отрадновский ЛПК
ТУ6Д-0384 1987 Gorky Railway Maisky
ТУ6Д-0385 1987 Gorky Railway Private Лунданский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0386 1987 Gorky Railway Lalsk Таврический л/п
ТУ6Д-0389 11.1987 Latvian Railways Baloži

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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