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Тепловоз колеи 750 мм

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Serial type Works number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ТУ3-001 3909 1957 October Railway SPb-Fin
ТУ3-002 3910 1957 Lithuanian Railway Panevežys Ожидание КР
ТУ3-003 3911 1957 1996 Northern Railway Yaroslavl-Gl. Ярославская ДЖД
ТУ3-004 3912 1957 Latvian Railways Narrow gauge railway Торфзавод Стружаны
ТУ3-006 1957 East Siberian Railway Other Зиминская УЖД
ТУ3-007 1957 East Siberian Railway Other Зиминская УЖД
ТУ3-017 4116 1958 1971 October Railway Redkinskoye
ТУ3-020 1958 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Private Ачисайский полиметаллический комбинат ("Южполиметалл")
ТУ3-021 1958 South Urals Railways Ufaley Nickel plant
ТУ3-022 1958 South Urals Railways Ufaley Nickel plant
ТУ3-024 1958 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Atbasar Атбасарский элеватор
ТУ3-025 4124 1958 1978 Gorky Railway Vyksa forest
ТУ3-026 4125 1958 Gorky Railway Karinskoye
ТУ3-027 4126 1958 Gorky Railway Karinskoye
ТУ3-029 1958 South Urals Railways Ufaley Nickel plant
ТУ3-030 4129 1958 Gorky Railway Karinskoye
ТУ3-031 4130 1958 Sverdlovsk Railway Visimo-Utkinskaya
ТУ3-033 4132 1958 04.1976 L'viv Railways Children's rail Луцкая ДЖД
ТУ3-034 1958 1982 L'viv Railways Children's rail Памятник в детском лагере «Экспресс»
ТУ3-035 1958 03.1986 Georgian Railway Tbilisi-pass Тбилисская ДЖД
ТУ3-038 Т47 4137 03.1958 03.1980 Donetsk Railway Yasinovataya Донецкая ДЖД
ТУ3-039 4138 04.1958 L'viv Railways L'vov-Zapad
ТУ3-040 1958 03.1998 L'viv Railways Children's rail Львовская ДЖД
ТУ3-042 4141 1959 08.1993 L'viv Railways Children's rail Ужгородская ДЖД
ТУ3-043 1959 1993 Northern Railway Yaroslavl-Gl.
ТУ3-044 1959 L'viv Railways Private Усть-Чернянский ЛПХ

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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