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Id number Built Written off Railway Depot
УТМ1-001 Volga railway Volgograd
УТМ1-002 19734029 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
УТМ1-003 2016 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
УТМ1М-004 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
УТМ1-004 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
УТМ1-005 2017 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
УТМ1-006 19734060 1995 Kuybyshev railway PMS-330 Oktyabr
УТМ1-007 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
УТМ1-008 19734284 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
УТМ1-009 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
УТМ1-009 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
УТМ1-010 2017 October railway OPMS-1
УТМ1-011 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
УТМ1-012 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
УТМ1-013 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
УТМ1-014 19734144 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
УТМ1-015 19734359 Northern railway PMS-277
УТМ1-016 South Urals railway UPM 4 km.
УТМ1-017 Volga railway Volgograd
УТМ1-018 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
УТМ1-019 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
УТМ1-020 October railway Tosno
УТМ1-021 Volga railway Volgograd
УТМ1-022 Sverdlovsk railway PMS-311
УТМ1-023 South Urals railway UPM 4 km.
УТМ1-024 October railway Tosno
УТМ1-025 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
УТМ1-026 19734466 2017 October railway PMS-88
УТМ1-027 19737329 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
УТМ1-029 19734490 North Caucasus railway PChM Tikhoretsk
УТМ1-030 Far Eastern Railway ICh Y-Sakhalinsk
УТМ1-205 2017 Trans-Baikal Railway PMS-46

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