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Works number Id number Built Railway Depot Note
СОКОЛ-80.01М 019 Moscow Railway Service cars ВП-3113 Орёл
СОКОЛ-80.01 030 Northern railway Service cars ВП-4064 Няндома
СОКОЛ-80.01 048 Moscow Railway Service cars
СОКОЛ-80.01М 014 Northern railway Service cars ВП-3063 ст. Череповец-I
СОКОЛ-80.01М 065 Kuybyshev railway KBSHrail-DI ВП-11 Аша
СОКОЛ-80.01 099 October railway Service ВП-4063 Бабаево
СОКОЛ-80.01 024 Northern railway Service cars ВП Верещагино
СОКОЛ-80.01 010 West Siberian railway Service cars ВП Исилькуль
СОКОЛ-80.01М 075 East Siberian Railway Service ВП-5 Слюдянка
СОКОЛ-80.01М 078 Northern railway Service cars ВП-3445 ст. Микунь
СОКОЛ-80.01М 094 Northern railway Service cars ВП-3443 ст. Кулой
СОКОЛ-80.01М 017 Northern railway Service cars ВП-4012 ст. Малошуйка
СОКОЛ-80.01М 0050 Northern railway Service cars
СОКОЛ-80.01 002 South-Eastern railway Service cars Восстановительный поезд станции Тамбов
СОКОЛ-80.01М 072 Sverdlovsk railway Service cars ВП Камышлов
СОКОЛ-80.01М 046 Kuybyshev railway KBSHrail-DI ВП-11 Аша
СОКОЛ-80.01 012 1999 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-306 Сибирцево
СОКОЛ-80.01 026 2000 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-101 Облучье
СОКОЛ-80.01М 018 04.2000 October railway Service ВП-4063 Бабаево
СОКОЛ-80.01М 033 2001 October railway Service ВП-3013 Кандалакша
СОКОЛ-80.01 034 2001 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-411 Литовко
СОКОЛ-80.01М 031 06.2001 Moscow Railway Service cars ВП-3123 Калуга
СОКОЛ-80.01М 038 03.2002 October railway Service ВП-3015 Кемь
СОКОЛ-80.01 040 05.2002 Moscow Railway Service cars ВП Москва-сортировочная
СОКОЛ-80.01М 045 00000045 09.2002 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-525 Южно-Сахалинск
СОКОЛ-80.01М 044 09.2002 Northern railway Service cars ВП Череповец
СОКОЛ-80.01 053 2003 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-305 Ружино
СОКОЛ-80.01 062 2004 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-104 Бикин
СОКОЛ-80.01 074 2005 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-413 Высокогорная
СОКОЛ-80.01М 070 10444 00004004 04.2005 Kuybyshev railway KBSHrail-DI ВП-4 Самара
СОКОЛ-80.01М 035 10.2001 Moscow Railway Service cars Ремпуть
СОКОЛ-80.01 083 2006 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-309 Первая речка
СОКОЛ-80.01 090 2007 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-525 Южно-Сахалинск
СОКОЛ-80.01 097 2008 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-414 Постышево
СОКОЛ-80.01 100 2009 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-307 Уссурийск
СОКОЛ-80.01М 104 2010 Northern railway Service cars ВП Исакогорка

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