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Машина для очистки кюветов, производство по лицензии Сompel-rail (SZP600).

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Id number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
СЗП600Р-001 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
СЗП600Р-002 1996 October railway OPMS-1
СЗП600Р-003 19161033 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
СЗП600Р-004 1997 October railway PMS-88
СЗП600Р-005 19161058 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
СЗП600Р-006 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
СЗП600Р-007 October railway PChM Gatchina
СЗП600Р-008 October railway PChM Gatchina
СЗП600Р-009 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
СЗП600Р-010 1997 October railway PMS-29
СЗП600Р-011 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
СЗП600Р-012 2017 North Caucasus railway PChM Tikhoretsk
СЗП600Р-013 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
СЗП600Р-014 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
СЗП600Р-015 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
СЗП600Р-016 North Caucasus railway PChM Novocherkassk
СЗП600Р-018 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
СЗП600Р-019 Northern railway PMS-277
СЗП600Р-020 19161207 Kuybyshev railway PMS-330 Oktyabr
СЗП600Р-021 19161215 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
СЗП600Р-022 South-Eastern railway OPChM Voronezh
СЗП600Р-023 19161231 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
СЗП600Р-024 19161249 North Caucasus railway PChM Tikhoretsk
СЗП600Р-025 19161256 2000 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
СЗП600Р-026 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
СЗП600Р-027 19161272 Trans-Baikal Railway SPMS-316
СЗП600Р-028 Moscow Railway PMS-332 Fayansovaya
СЗП600Р-029 19161298 Krasnoyarsk railway DPMR Krasnoyarsk ДПМ ст. Базаиха
СЗП600Р-030 19161306 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
СЗП600Р-031 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
СЗП600Р-032 19161322 Krasnoyarsk railway DPMR Krasnoyarsk ДПМ ст. Базаиха
СЗП600Р-033 19161330 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda

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