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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
ПОМ1М-001 19395664 11.2012 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl ПЧ-7 Иваново
ПОМ1М-002 05.2013 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
ПОМ1М-003 Northern Railway PMS-324
ПОМ1М-004 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-005 19395714 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-006 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-007 19395730 Zabaikal Railway PMS-333
ПОМ1М-008 19395748 2013 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk СПМС-330 (ПЧ-17 Черниковка)
ПОМ1М-009 2013 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk СПМС-330 (ПЧ-24 Бугульма)
ПОМ1М-010 Zabaikal Railway PMS-306
ПОМ1М-011 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-012 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-013 19395797 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk ПЧР Калининград
ПОМ1М-014 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ПОМ1М-015 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ПОМ1М-016 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
ПОМ1М-017 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-018 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Volgograd
ПОМ1М-019 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Volgograd
ПОМ1М-020 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-021 19395870 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
ПОМ1М-022 West Siberian railway PMS-315
ПОМ-023 West Siberian railway PRMM Tcherepanovo
ПОМ1М-024 19395904 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
ПОМ-025 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-026 Krasnoyarsk Railway DPMR Bogotolsky
ПОМ1М-027 Krasnoyarsk Railway PChM Bazayha
ПОМ1М-028 Krasnoyarsk Railway DPMR Ilansky
ПОМ1М-029 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-030 19395961 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-031 North Caucasus Railway PChM Novocherkassk
ПОМ1М-032 North Caucasus Railway PChM Novocherkassk
ПОМ-033 October Railway PChM Gatchina
ПОМ1М-034 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-035 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-036 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-037 19396035 12.2013 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ-038 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-039 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
ПОМ1М-040 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
ПОМ1М-041 Zabaikal Railway SPMS-316
ПОМ1М-042 19396209 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-043 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
ПОМ1М-044 Zabaikal Railway PMS-306
ПОМ1М-045 19396233 West Siberian railway PRMM Tchulyumskaya
ПОМ1М-046 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
ПОМ1М-047 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
ПОМ1М-048 Sverdlovsk Railway SPMS-341
ПОМ1М-049 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-050 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-051 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk
ПОМ1М-052 19396308 2014 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk
ПОМ1М-053 19396316 2014 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk СПМС-330 (ПЧ-7 Жигулевское Море)
ПОМ1М-054 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-055 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-056 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-057 South Urals Railways UPM Kuvandyk
ПОМ1М-058 19396365 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-059 Krasnoyarsk Railway DPMR Bogotolsky
ПОМ1М-060 19396381 Krasnoyarsk Railway DPMR Ilansky
ПОМ1М-061 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-062 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-063 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-064 South Urals Railways UPM 4 km.
ПОМ-065 October Railway Nigozero
ПОМ1М-066 19396449 October Railway Nigozero
ПОМ1М-067 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-068 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-069 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-070 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl ПЧ-4 Рыбинск
ПОМ1М-071 Northern Railway PMS-277
ПОМ1М-072 19396506 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
ПОМ1М-073 Moscow Railway PDM Ryazan'
ПОМ1М-074 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-075 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-076 19396548 Northern Railway PMS-277
ПОМ1М-077 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
ПОМ1М-078 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-079 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-080 19396597 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-081 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-082 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-083 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-084 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-085 19396647 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-086 19396654 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-087 19396662 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-088 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-089 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-090 19396696 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-091 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-092 19396712 Moscow Railway PDM Ryazan'
ПОМ1М-093 19396720 Moscow Railway PDM Ryazan'
ПОМ1М-094 19396738 Moscow Railway PDM Ryazan'
ПОМ1М-095 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-096 October Railway PChM Gatchina
ПОМ1М-097 19396761 2015 Zabaikal Railway PMS-306
ПОМ-098 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-099 19396787 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-100 October Railway Nigozero
ПОМ1М-101 Zabaikal Railway SPMS-316
ПОМ1М-102 Zabaikal Railway PMS-333
ПОМ1М-103 19396829 10.2015 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
ПОМ1М-104 10.2015 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
ПОМ1М-105 19396845 07.2015 Northern Railway PMS-324
ПОМ1М-106 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-107 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-108 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-109 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-110 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SPMS-335
ПОМ1М-111 19396902 2015 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk СПМС-330
ПОМ1М-112 19396910 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI СПМС-330 (ИЧ-4 Стерлитамак)
ПОМ1М-114 19396936 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI
ПОМ1М-115 19396944 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-116 19396951 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-117 19396969 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-118 19396977 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-119 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-120 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-121 Sverdlovsk Railway SPMS-341
ПОМ1М-122 19397017 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-123 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
ПОМ1М-124 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
ПОМ1М-125 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-126 Zabaikal Railway SPMS-316
ПОМ1М-127 Zabaikal Railway SPMS-316
ПОМ1М-128 Zabaikal Railway SPMS-316
ПОМ1М-129 19397090 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-130 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ПОМ1М-131 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ПОМ1М-132 Far Eastern Railway SPMS-317
ПОМ1М-133 Far Eastern Railway PMS-310 Tynda
ПОМ1М-134 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-135 19397157 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-136 October Railway PChM Gatchina
ПОМ1М-137 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
ПОМ1М-138 East Siberian Railway SPMS-337
ПОМ1М-139 19397199 East Siberian Railway PCHM-3
ПОМ1М-140 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-141 19397215 12.2015 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-142 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
ПОМ1М-143 West Siberian railway PMS-315
ПОМ1М-144 West Siberian railway PMS-315
ПОМ1М-145 West Siberian railway PRMM Tchulyumskaya
ПОМ1М-146 South Urals Railways UPM Magnitogorsk
ПОМ1М-147 South Urals Railways PCHM Chelyabinsk
ПОМ1М-148 South Urals Railways UPM Kuvandyk
ПОМ1М-149 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-150 19397306 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-151 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-152 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
ПОМ1М-154 19397348 Kuybyshev Railway Other
ПОМ1М-155 19397355 02.2016 Kuybyshev Railway PChM Oktyabr'sk СПМС-330 (ПЧ-23 Димитровград)
ПОМ1М-158 19397389 North Caucasus Railway Service cars
ПОМ1М-160 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
ПОМ1М-161 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
ПОМ1М-162 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-163 October Railway Tosno
ПОМ1М-164 19397447 October Railway PChM Gatchina
ПОМ1М-165 October Railway Nigozero
ПОМ1М-166 Northern Railway PMS-277
ПОМ1М-167 Northern Railway PMS-319 Yaroslavl
ПОМ1М-168 19397488 Northern Railway PChM Vologda
ПОМ1М-169 Gorky Railway SPMS-339
ПОМ1М-170 Gorky Railway SPMS-318
ПОМ1М-171 19397512 Gorky Railway SPMS-339 ПЧМ Арзамас
ПОМ1М-172 19397520 Moscow Railway PChM Bryansk
ПОМ1М-173 19397546 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-174 19397546 Moscow Railway PChM Fayansovaya
ПОМ1М-175 19397553 2016 Moscow Railway PDM Ryazan'
ПОМ1М-176 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk
ПОМ1М-177 West Siberian railway PRMM Rubtcovsk

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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