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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ТЭ1-??? Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Other Казалинский ТРЗ
ТЭ1-20-001 1947 08.1964 Turkmenistan railways Mari
ТЭ1-20-002 Moscow Railway Domodedovo (EMU)
ТЭ1-20-005 1949 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-007 1949 03.1981 South Urals Railways Kartаli
ТЭ1-20-021 1947 10.1987 North Caucasus Railway Mineralniye Vody
ТЭ1-20-025 1947 01.1987 Uzbekistan railways Uzbekistan
ТЭ1-20-026 Moscow Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-027 1948 Krasnoyarsk Railway Service
ТЭ1-20-033 Moscow Railway Moskva-Sort.
ТЭ1-20-035 1948 North Caucasus Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-050 1948 04.1985 Moscow Railway Novomoskovsk
ТЭ1-20-051 1948 05.1983 Moscow Railway Kursk-Sort.
ТЭ1-20-055 1948 12.1987 North Caucasus Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-059 1948 Sverdlovsk Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-062 1948 11.1979 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Other
ТЭ1-20-068 1948 Uzbekistan railways Museum
ТЭ1-20-077 1948 01.1983 Moscow Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-100 1949 08.1982 Moscow Railway Lyblino
ТЭ1-20-101 1949 1985 Moscow Railway Tula
ТЭ1-20-105 1949 02.1981 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Memorials Астраханский ТРЗ
ТЭ1-20-106 1949 Turkmenistan railways Other
ТЭ1-20-109 1949 Moscow Railway Private Кимовский завод ЖБИ
ТЭ1-20-110 1949 Moscow Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-112 1949 Trans–Mongolian Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-112 1949 Sverdlovsk Railway Private Тюменстройпуть
ТЭ1-20-114 1949 Moscow Railway Other ТЭ1Г
ТЭ1-20-115 Moscow Railway Moskva-Sort.
ТЭ1-20-129 1949 October Railway CMRT
ТЭ1-20-135 1949 October Railway Museum
ТЭ1-20-146 1949 01.1982 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Verhniy Baskunchak
ТЭ1-20-148 Kuybyshev Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-152 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-153 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-161 1949 02.1985 Moscow Railway Tula
ТЭ1-20-165 1949 Belarusian Railway Brest Museum Поступил из ЦМОЖД
ТЭ1-20-166 Uzbekistan railways Tashkent
ТЭ1-20-168 1949 Trans–Mongolian Railway Other Музей Дудн-Гол
ТЭ1-20-170 1949 03.1984 Moscow Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-176 1949 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Verhniy Baskunchak
ТЭ1-20-178 1949 06.1986 October Railway Murmansk
ТЭ1-20-179 1949 Uzbekistan railways Other
ТЭ1-20-182 1949 11.1985 Moscow Railway Cherepet'
ТЭ1-20-189 Turkmenistan railways Other
ТЭ1-20-195 1949 Moscow Railway Moscow Museum
ТЭ1-20-196 1949 1989 October Railway Service
ТЭ1-20-197 1949 Uzbekistan railways Other
ТЭ1-20-198 Uzbekistan railways Other
ТЭ1-20-199 Uzbekistan railways Tashkent
ТЭ1-20-207 1949 08.1980 Moscow Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-209 1949 12.1982 Moscow Railway Other ТЭ1Г
ТЭ1-20-210 1949 04.1982 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Verhniy Baskunchak
ТЭ1-20-217 1949 12.1983 South Urals Railways Other
ТЭ1-20-221 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Other
ТЭ1-20-224 1949 05.1983 South-Eastern Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-227 South Urals Railways Orsk
ТЭ1-20-236 09.1990 North Caucasus Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-259 October Railway Suoyarvi
ТЭ1-20-265 1950 03.1985 Moscow Railway Kaluga
ТЭ1-20-273 1982 Moscow Railway Likhobory
ТЭ1-20-274 North Caucasus Railway Mineralniye Vody
ТЭ1-20-275 1950 Krasnoyarsk Railway Other
ТЭ1-20-283 1950 12.1983 South Urals Railways Other
ТЭ1-20-287 Moscow Railway Ozherelye-Sort.
ТЭ1-20-295 1950 1983 South Urals Railways Troitck
ТЭ1-20-300 11.1984 October Railway Murmansk

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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