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Works number ID number Built Railway Depot Note
EDK1000/1-6 Southern Railways Service cars
EDK1000/1-22 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП Иловайск
EDK1000/1-022 18938720 1968 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-024 18938746 1968 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-36 1970 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-102 Биробиждан
EDK1000/1-039 18938795 1971 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-3
EDK1000/1-42 Northern Railway Other ВП-3063 ст. Череповец-I
EDK1000/1-43 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП Волковыск
EDK1000/1-44 18938829 1971 L'viv Railways Service cars ВП-4512 Стрый
EDK1000/1-46 1340546 18938886 1971 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-2 Основа
EDK1000/1-47 1971 Uzbekistan railways Service cars
EDK1000/1-54 Norilsk Railway (PJSC MMC «Norilsk Nickel») Track service
EDK1000/1-57 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3441 Печора
EDK1000/1-58 18938852 1972 Odessa Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-63 1972 West Siberian railway MZHT Novosibirsk
EDK1000/1-69 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-3446 Сосногорск
EDK1000/1-71 1340571 18938712 1973 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-4
EDK1000/1-80 1973 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ВП Кунгур
EDK1000/1-88 1974 October Railway Service ВП-3015 Кемь
EDK1000/1-89 18938894 1974 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-4
EDK1000/2-102 1974 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ВП-12 Серов
EDK1000/2-104 18938340 1974 Odessa Railways Service ДН-1
EDK1000/2-105 18938357 1974 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-2
EDK1000/2-107 1974 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-103 Хабаровск
EDK1000/2-108 18938480 1974 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-3
EDK1000/2-110 18938407 1974 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-1
EDK1000/2-112 1975 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
EDK1000/2-113 Moscow Railway Service cars ВП-3123 Калуга
EDK1000/2-115 1975 October Railway Service ВП-3018 Петрозаводск
EDK1000/2-120 South-Eastern Railway SGOK № 6
EDK1000/2-126 1975 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-104 Бикин
EDK1000/2-127 18938373 1975 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
EDK1000/2-131 18938316 1976 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-4
EDK1000/2-134 October Railway Service ВП-3017 Мурманск
EDK1000/2-137 1340637 18938639 07.1976 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-4
EDK1000/2-138 1976 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-412 Комсомольск
EDK1000/2-144 18938449 1976 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-4
EDK1000/2-150 Moscow Railway Mikhailovsky GOK
EDK1000/2-153 1977 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-419 Советская гавань
EDK1000/2-155 October Railway Service ВП-4063 Бабаево
EDK1000/2-156 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-4061 ст. Буй
EDK1000/2-157 18938571 1977 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП Лиман
EDK1000/2-161 18938613 1977 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-3
EDK1000/2-170 1976 L'viv Railways Service cars ВП-3501 Здолбунов
EDK1000/2-172 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-4064 ст. Няндома
EDK1000/2-182 Belarusian Railway Service cars
EDK1000/2-201 18938940 197* Odessa Railways Service ВП Котовск
EDK1000/2-202 October Railway Service ВП-3013 Кандалакша
EDK1000/2-203 Moscow Railway Service cars ВП Бекасово
EDK1000/2-208 18938381 1979 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-1
EDK1000/2-209 1980 Latvian Railways Service Рижский ВП-1
EDK1000/2-211 Gorky Railway Other
EDK1000/2-234 1981 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-101 Облучье
EDK1000/2-237 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП ст. Брест
EDK1000/2-240 Northern Railway Service cars ВП-4071 ст. Иваново-Сорт.
EDK1000/2-247 18938472 1981 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-5
EDK1000/2-248 1981 Far Eastern Railway Service ВП-306 Сибирцево
EDK1000/2-251 18938415 1981 Odessa Railways Service ДН-4
EDK1000/2-258 1981 October Railway Service ВП-3021 Ховрино
EDK1000/2-260 18938605 1982 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-3
EDK1000/2-261 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
EDK1000/2-264 North Caucasus Railway Service cars ВП Светлоград
EDK1000-265 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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