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Id number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ЩОМ-Д-016 Odessa Railway Service is the path
ЩОМ-Д-067 1963 04.2005 Odessa Railway Service is the path ПМС-127 Снигиревка
ЭЛБ1 19115104 Yakutian Railways Aldan
ЭЛБ2-01 October Railway PMS-88
ЩОМ-Д-001 West Siberian railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-004 Near-Dnipro Railway Service
ЩОМ-Д-005 West Siberian railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-007 Moscow Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-008 Donetsk Railway Railway technics
ЩОМ-Д-009 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Service
ЭЛБ1-009 West Siberian railway PMS-216
ЩОМ-Д-010 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI
ЩОМ-Д-011 L'viv Railway Service is the path
ЭЛБР1-011 19100114 1962 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ПМС-134 Попасная
ЩОМ-Д-012 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Service
ЩОМ-Д-013 Donetsk Railway Railway technics
ЩОМ-Д-014 Southern Railway Service is the path
ЩОМ-Д-015 Far Eastern Railway PMS-217
ЩОМ-Д-017 2016 Gorky Railway PMS-72
ЩОМ-Д-018 South Urals Railways Service
ЩОМ-Д-019 West Siberian railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-019 2017 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-256
ЭЛБР3-019 19101195 1957 Near-Dnipro Railway Service ПМС-80 Батуринская
ЩОМ-Д-020 Belarusian Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-20/29 1953 Lithuanian Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-021 Moscow Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1Р-021 19100049 1941 West Siberian railway OPMS-19
ЩОМ-Д-022 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-022 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-181
ЩОМ-Д-023 North Caucasus Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-024 West Siberian railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-025 West Siberian railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-025 East Siberian Railway PMS-340
ЩОМ-Д-026 19030269 Far Eastern Railway PMS-249
ЩОМ-Д-027 Moscow Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-028 L'viv Railway Service is the path
ЩОМ-Д-029 L'viv Railway Service is the path
ЩОМ-Д-030 Moscow Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-030 2017 Moscow Railway PMS-58
ЭЛБ-031 Far Eastern Railway Service
ЭЛБ1-031 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-148
ЭЛБР3-032 19101328 1958 Near-Dnipro Railway Service ПМС-136 Федоровка
ЩОМ-Д-032 Far Eastern Railway PMS-288
ЩОМ-Д-033 Donetsk Railway Railway technics
ЩОМ-Д-034 Moscow Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-035 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Service
ЭЛБ1-035 2017 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-208
ЩОМ-Д-036 Donetsk Railway Railway technics
ЭЛБ1Р-036 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-208
ЩОМ-Д-037 2017 Gorky Railway PMS-109
ЩОМ-Д-038 South Urals Railways Service
ЩОМ-Д-039 North Caucasus Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-040 2017 Moscow Railway PMS-97
ЩОМ-Д-042 Southern Railway Service is the path
ЩОМ-Д-043 Near-Dnipro Railway Service
ЩОМ-Д-044 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-044 East Siberian Railway PMS-66
ЭЛБ1-044 East Siberian Railway PMS-303
ЩОМ-Д-045 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-046 Lithuanian Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-047 19133479 1960 South-Western Railway Service is the path ПМС-119 Конотоп
ЩОМ-Д-048 Northern Railway PMS-110
ЭЛБ1-049 2017 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-38
ЩОМ-Д-050 Azerbaijan Railways Service
ЭЛБ1-050 11.1961 Gorky Railway Private Зеленодольский ШПЗ
ЩОМ-Д-051 Far Eastern Railway Service
ЭЛБ1-051 Krasnoyarsk Railway PMS-257
ЩОМ-Д-052 Belarusian Railway Service cars
ЩОМ-Д-053 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
ЭЛБ1-053 Zabaikal Railway PMS-247
ЭЛБР1-53/77 19100536 1956 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ПМС-9 Дебальцево
ЩОМ-Д-054 Donetsk Railway Railway technics
ЩОМ-Д-055 October Railway Service
ЭЛБ1-057 19100577 Sverdlovsk Railway Service cars ПМС-290 Талица
ЭЛБ1-57 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ЩОМ-Д-058 West Siberian railway PMS-2
ЭЛБ1-062 2017 Kuybyshev Railway PMS-146
ЭЛБР-62 Moscow Railway OPMS-68
ЭЛБ1-063 19100635 Moldovan Railways PMS-294
ЭЛБР-067 19100676 Moscow Railway PMS-96
ЭЛБ1-068 2017 East Siberian Railway PMS-56
ЩОМ-Д-068 Far Eastern Railway PMS-233
ЭЛБ1Р-076 West Siberian railway PMS-177
ЭЛБ1-093 2016 Gorky Railway PMS-205
ЭЛБ1-094 19100940 Far Eastern Railway PMS-288
ЭЛБ1-103/116 2014 Latvian Railways Service
ЭЛБ1-112/149 Northern Railway PMS-110
ЭЛБ1-118/121 1936 October Railway PMS-199
ЭЛБ1-120 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-254
ЭЛБ1Р-122 2017 Zabaikal Railway PMS-11
ЭЛБР-123 19101237 Belarusian Railway Service cars
ЩОМД-125/39 North Caucasus Railway Museum
ЭЛБ1-130 2017 Sverdlovsk Railway PMS-170
ЭЛБ3-137 19101377 October Railway Service ПЧ-23 Кондопога
ЭЛБР-147 Far Eastern Railway PMS-188
ЭЛБ1м-175 19100759 1957 Donetsk Railway Service is the path ПМС-10 Лиман
ЭЛБ1-467 19114677 Latvian Railways Service Даугавпилсская дистанция пути
ЭЛБ1-3713 2017 Gorky Railway PMS-230

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Transferred to another depot
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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