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Northern railway. KDE253

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Built Depot Note
КДЭ253-???? Service cars
КДЭ253-299 31.07.1976 PMS-324
КДЭ253-299 31.07.1976 PMS-277
КДЭ253-331 PMS-324
КДЭ253-411 Private МУП "Локомотив", г. Северодвинск
КДЭ253-908 PMS-324
КДЭ253-926 PMS-277
КДЭ253-962 Service cars
КДЭ253-1063 02.1982 Sharja
КДЭ253-1156 10.1982 Service cars
КДЭ253-1213 Private МУП "Локомотив", г. Северодвинск
КДЭ253-1309 PMS-319 Yaroslavl
КДЭ253-1452 11.1984 Monzales

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