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October railway. Shc

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Serial type Built Depot Note
Щ.7 Ostashkov
Щ.19 Ostashkov
Щ.70 Ostashkov
Щ.75 Ostashkov
Щ.80 Ostashkov
Щ.152 Other
Щ.163 Other Тендер с Эм706-10
Щч.170 Malaya Vishera
Щ.308 1912 Volhovstroi
Щ.314 Volhovstroi
Щ.315 Other
Щ.316 Ostashkov
Щ.319 Volhovstroi
Щ.323 1912 Volhovstroi
Щ.326 1912 Leningradslanetc
Щ.333 Other
Щ.344 Ostashkov
Щ.357 Ostashkov
Щ.361 1912 Volhovstroi
Щ.408 Ostashkov
Щ.417/1 Ostashkov
Щ.417/2 Ostashkov
Щ.427 Ostashkov
Щ.432 1915 Volhovstroi
Щ.435 1915 Private Новгородский конденсаторный завод
Щ.455 Ostashkov
Щ.517 Museum Тендер
Щ.528 Ostashkov
Щ.544 Malaya Vishera
Щ.546 1918 Ostashkov
Щ.560 Ostashkov
Щ.562 Ostashkov
Щ.563 1914 Volhovstroi
Щ.598 Ostashkov
Щ.602 Ostashkov
Щ.603 1914 Pikaliovo Пикалевский цементный завод
Щ.633 Ostashkov
Щ.635 1914 Ostashkov
Щ.674 Ostashkov
Щ.688 Ostashkov
Щ.714 Other
Щ.720 1915 Volhovstroi
Щ.729 1915 Malaya Vishera
Щ.747 1915 Volhovstroi
Щ.1504 Ostashkov
Щ.1571 Ostashkov
Щ.1649 Ostashkov
Щв.1698 Hvoinaya
Щ.2004 Ostashkov
Щ.2040 Ostashkov
Щ.2113 1912 Museum Котёл
Щ.2125 Malaya Vishera
Щ.2131 Ostashkov
Щ.2179 Ostashkov
Щ.2219 Ostashkov
Щч.2235 Ostashkov
Щ.2424 Ostashkov
Щ.3006 Museum Тендер с С.68
Щ.3010 Steam engine
Щ.3011 Ostashkov
Щ.3107 Ostashkov
Щ.3201 Ostashkov
Щ.3305 Ostashkov
Щ.3505 1907 Volhovstroi
Щ.3507 Ostashkov
Щ.3565 Other
Щ.3572 Ostashkov
Щ.4028 Torzhok
Щ.4540 Ostashkov
Щ.5077 Ostashkov
Щ.5507 Ostashkov
Щ.5512 Ostashkov
Щ.6078 Ostashkov
Щ.6520 139 1914 Ostashkov

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