Россия, Архангельская область, станция Коноша-I
Russia, Arkhangelsk region, Konosha-I station
Скан с плёнки

Author: BLOG · Russia           Date: June 2004

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Published 28.12.2016 06:42 UTC
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Railway District/Company:Northern Railway  
Depot:TChE-11 Losta
Model:VL60 (N6O)
Builder:Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant   Novocherkassk
Identification number:11930229
Written off:11.2016
Category:Electric Locomotives
Current condition:Transferred to another depot Written off
КР 12.1986 г.
СР Ростовский ЭРЗ 04.1999 г.
ТР-3 ТЧР Красноуфимск-Уральский 08.2011 г.

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