Terms & Conditions

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1. Comments in the photos and on the forum are used to discuss photos and other information posted by users on the site.

2. In the comments it is prohibited to: a) private and public insults; b) an indication and discussion of the physical and mental aspects of each website user; c) explicit or indirect statements that provoke racial, national and / or religious quarrels and intolerances, as well as religious, national and other senses of every user of the site; d) using uncensored words, expressions and signs.

3. Każda opublikowana widomość jest osobistą opinią gościa. Zabronione jest publikowanie wiadomości w imieniu jakiejkolwiek grupy ludzi (narodowości, narodu) lub państwa z wyjątkiem posiadania przez mówiącego w sposób jawny otrzymanych na to uprawnień.

4. It is forbidden to publish aware false messages that are intended to mislead users of the site.

5. Personal correspondence is forbidden. Use the "Private messages" or e-mail tool.

6. It is forbidden to publish meaningless posts. The forum is also forbidden to publish messages that do not have useful information.

7. It is forbidden to discuss the activities of moderators in the news, as well as to publish open letters addressed to the moderator. Appealing or discussing the actions (omissions) of moderators is only allowed on e-mail: [email protected] .

8. To avoid duplicating forum discussions, before you ask new questions, check out the previously completed forum discussions.

9. The main language of the website is Russian. It is allowed to use English for people who do not speak Russian. The use of transliteration is not welcome.

10. Replies to messages should be written in the same language in which the outgoing message was written.

11. Using other foreign languages as well as Russian and English is not recommended, as there is no guarantee that most users will be able to understand these messages.

12. Do not post comments that consist only of punctuation. It is not recommended to leave more than one punctuation mark (...;,,,,;!!!???).

13. Links (including photos) do not necessarily lead to pornographic or advertising websites, internet-resources that require special registration (social networking) or are paid, as well as password protected or non-existent pages.

14. Moderators have the right to delete comments without giving a reason.

15. No insults in private messages are allowed.

16. For violations of any of the points in this chapter of the Regulations, pre-moderation of comments may be introduced for some time, or forever. In the case of systematic violations, it is possible to block access to the account.

17. For new users, checking the messages by moderators is entered automatically. The conditions for removing pre-moderation are available after 10 approved comments. For premature withdrawal of approval, please contact the service administration.