List of series and models

South-Western Railway, Other

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In the “Quantity” column: all vehicles / in service only.

Models in regular service

ChME3 1 / 0 List
KDE163 1 / 1 List
Total2 / 1

Models out of service

(Steam locomotives) List
2M62 List
3TE3 List
9Pm List
AS List
CHME2 List
Eu, Em, Er List
FD List
Gr List
L List
M62, DM62 List
N List
Od, Ov, Op List
S List
Shc List
SO List
Tch List
TE2 List
TE3 List
TE7 List
TGM3 List
TGM5 List
Y List
ИС List