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October railwayTChE-21 Volhovstroi
Thc-23 Hvoinaya
 TChE-21 Volhovstroi

Railway District/Company:October railway
Depot:TChE-21 Volhovstroi
Model:TEM2, TEM2A
Builder:Bryansk masinery plant · Bryansk
Written off:03.2013
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: Written off 
Подменён тепловозом ТЭМ2-2756 (1974 г.)

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Depot:TChE-21 Volhovstroi

 2009 — Transferred to another depot

Depot:Thc-23 Hvoinaya

Depot:Thc-23 Hvoinaya

 ???? — Transferred to another depot

Depot:TChE-21 Volhovstroi

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Россия, Ленинградская область, станция Пикалёво-I
Russia, Leningrad region, Pikalyovo-I station

Saturday, June 2, 2001
Author: Машинист пивного крана

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  October railway → TChE-21 Volhovstroi → TEM2, TEM2A
—  October railway → Thc-23 Hvoinaya → TEM2, TEM2A
—  October railway → TChE-21 Volhovstroi
—  October railway → Thc-23 Hvoinaya
—  October railway → TEM2, TEM2A
—  TEM2, TEM2A
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