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Northern RailwayTChE-11 Losta
≤ 2005
TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
 TChE-5 Ivanovo

Railway District/Company:Northern Railway
Depot:TChE-11 Losta
Builder:ČKD   Praha
Identification number:15523541
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
КР 09.1989 г.
СР 12.2004 г.
СР-Мичуринский ЛРЗ 08.2021

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ЧМЭ3-5447, Northern Railway

Россия, Вологодская область, станция Вологда-II
Russia, Vologda region, Vologda-II station

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Author: Макс Анисимов

Depot:TChE-11 Losta
Transferred to another depot
May 2013
Depot:TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
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Depot:TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
Transferred to another depot
2005 or earlier
Depot:TChE-5 Ivanovo
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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Northern Railway → TChE-11 Losta → ChME3
—  Northern Railway → TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj → ChME3
—  Northern Railway → TChE-5 Ivanovo → ChME3
—  Northern Railway → TChE-11 Losta
—  Northern Railway → TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
—  Northern Railway → TChE-5 Ivanovo
—  Northern Railway → ChME3
—  ChME3