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Railway District/Company:Northern Railway
Depot:TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
Builder:ČKD   Praha
Identification number:15540107
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
СР 07.2001 г.
КР Оренбургский ЛРЗ 09.2011 г., срок службы продлён до 2029 г.
СР Мичуринский ЛРЗ 06.2021

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Россия, Ярославская область, станция Сильницы

Saturday, June 2, 2012
Author: Варов О.

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Россия, Ярославская область, станция Берендеево

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Author: Dynaika1973

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Northern Railway → TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj → ChME3
—  Northern Railway → TChE-1 Yaroslavl'-Glavnyj
—  Northern Railway → ChME3
—  ChME3