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Railway District/Company:West Siberian railway
Depot:TCH-5 Inskaya
Builder:Tbilisi electric locomotive building plant  
Written off:01.1987
Category:Electric Locomotives
Current condition: Written off 
От постройки- ТЧ Пенза-III.
Передан 01.1977г. в ТЧ Иркутск-Сорт.
Передан 02.1977г. в ТЧ Тайга.
Передан 08.1986г, в ТЧ Инская.

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  West Siberian railway → TCH-5 Inskaya → VL10
—  West Siberian railway → TCH-5 Inskaya
—  West Siberian railway → VL10
—  VL10